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Not only our team is growing, but also our working area and the issues and problems surrounding Power Quality. This keeps the work challenging for our Power Quality specialists. Every customer, every sector, every installation and every situation is different. The commissioning of a filter on a yacht is a completely different experience than performing a Power Quality measurement in a data center. Specialist knowledge is an absolute necessity for both activities, but the background, actions and environment are completely different. Our Power Quality specialists share their experiences in this blog.

Vakblad Omgaan met vlamboogdrukgolven

Dealing with arc blast pressure through calculations and preventive measures

When the insulation between two energized phase conductors on powered electrical equipment malfunctions, current flows…
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Feyenoord stadion Power Quality

Behind the scenes at De Kuip football stadium

Behind the scenes at De Kuip football stadium Menno Spitteler, Electrical Engineer, HyTEPS This was…
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Testen medische apparatuur

Testing medical equipment for Amphia

Testing medical equipment For Amphia Like all hospitals, Amphia, one of the Netherlands’ larger general…
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Electrical engineer

Meeting climate targets with ‘inspansion’ and storage

The power grid is maxed out Companies are asking for ever larger connections, for example…
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Securing Schiphol’s communications with an EMC Study

A critical installation such as the T2000 system should never be disrupted so we had…
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Zonnepanelen op hangar

Trouble-free integration of solar panels for KLM

Hangar 14 is huge and impressive. When you see three or four Boeings next to…
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Baggage inchecken Schiphol

Supporting availability and operation of security lanes at Schiphol Airport

It was very interesting to be taking measurements in a working security lane, while thousands…
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Vliegtuig in de lucht

Making runways even safer at Schiphol Airport

Of course, Schiphol does everything it can to ensure the reliability of the lighting so…
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Monitoring en Analyse

Reducing harmonic pollution at Mannesmann

Measurements We carried out extensive measurements and analyzed the results. Then, we introduced a power…
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UTP kabels in router

Not enough power and connection possibilities: can we still fix this?

Monitoring We regularly see customers launch initiatives to reduce energy consumption. They want to save…
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Jorlan Peeters en ROC

Shortage of electrical engineering personnel and energy transition

How do we ensure the shortage of electrical engineering staff doesn’t jeopardize the energy transition?…
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Arc Flash studies for one of the world’s largest brewers

Arc flash risks A challenging project “This was a very large, complex project, involving multiple…
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Clean and safe power in a more complex world

Monitoring and data: essential for clean, safe power in an increasingly complex world “The number…
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Shortage of electrical engineers: a real risk to energy transition

Electrification Far-reaching consequences, too few electrical engineers “Electrification is set to play an essential, even…
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Minimizing potential damage and fire hazards on yachts

Yachts and Power Quality “At the request of a customer, HyTEPS recently performed harmonic load flow…
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Arc flash studies for AC + DC on a yacht

Arc flash studies in the yachting industry Challenges Standards for arc flash studies are based…
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Ensuring hospital power quality and reliability

Improving the voltage quality Measurements and harmonic distortion “As continuity of supply is critical, the…
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Guaranteeing security and continuity for a Zentrys-managed data center

Datacentra Zentrys has been designing, developing and managing data centers for over ten years. Preventing…
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Reducing the risks of arc flashes

“In my opinion, employers have an obligation to analyze all possible risks and come up…
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Optimization of the largest solar panel park in the region

Solving 50% capacity loss in a solar farm “Soon after commissioning of this solar park, electrical equipment…
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Power Quality now and 10 years ago

Power Quality is no longer a ‘far removed’ topic 10 years ago “A great deal…
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Speaking in front of 150 electrotechnical colleagues

A one-of-a-kind experience “In May 2017 HyTEPS was contributed to a seminar organized by Techniek Nederland (formerly…
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On a yacht in Cannes during the fireworks festival

You go to places you normally wouldn’t go “Last summer, I visited Cannes during the…
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