Personal experiences of our Power Quality specialists

Not only our team is growing, but also our working area and the issues and problems surrounding Power Quality. This keeps the work challenging for our Power Quality specialists. Every customer, every sector, every installation and every situation is different. The commissioning of a filter on a yacht is a completely different experience than performing a Power Quality measurement in a data center. Specialist knowledge is an absolute necessity for both activities, but the background, actions and environment are completely different. Our Power Quality specialists share their experiences in this blog.


Guaranteeing security and continuity for a Zentrys-managed data center

Zentrys has been designing, developing and managing data centers for over ten years. Preventing failure…
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Reducing the risks of arc flashes

“In my opinion, employers have an obligation to analyze all possible risks and come up…
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On a yacht in Cannes during the fireworks festival

“Last summer, I visited Cannes during the annual fireworks festival. During this time, I got…
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