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Personal experiences of our Power Quality specialists.

Not only our team is growing, but also our working area and the issues and problems surrounding Power Quality. This keeps the work challenging for our Power Quality specialists. Every customer, every sector, every installation and every situation is different. The commissioning of a filter on a yacht is a completely different experience than performing a Power Quality measurement in a data center. Specialist knowledge is an absolute necessity for both activities, but the background, actions and environment are completely different. Our Power Quality specialists share their experiences in this blog.

Simulaties tijdens ontwerpfase windturbinepark

Coming soon: simulations during design of wind turbine park

By Srivats Venkateswaran | May 2021

"Due to our high expertise in the field of simulation services, we were able to make a valuable contribution during the design phase of a new wind farm to be built."

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Vlamboog veiligheid datacenter

Coming soon: arc safety in a data centre

By Vera Verbakel | May 2021

"It is a great feeling that with our arc calculations and labels we are contributing to increasing the safety of employees in an electrical installation."

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Coming soon: Improved power quality and reliability at the largest hospital in the region

By Joost Giesbers | September 2021

"We have installed two new refrigeration compressors in a hospital to improve the quality of the electricity."

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Ensuring constant (operational) security for a data center managed by Zentrys

By Arnou Sans | March 2021

“Last year, HyTEPS conducted research on arc flash formation and selectivity at a Zentrys managed site in Groningen to determine whether there was sufficient selectivity with regard to arc flash.”

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Limit the risks of arc flash

By Jorlan Peeters | March 2021

“I think that as an employer you have an obligation to analyze every risk and come up with a solution. Fatal accidents due to arc flashes still occur. "

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zonnepanelenpark optimalisatie productie door Power Quality verbetering

Optimization of the largest solar panel park in the region

By Seymour Pijpers | March 2021

“Contributing to optimal production of the largest solar panel park; a challenging project and unique experience.”

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Power Quality now and 10 years ago

By Wendy Aikema | September 2020

"Power Quality is no longer seen as a distant reality. That is a substantial change compared to 10 years ago."

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Speaking in front of 150 electrotechnical colleagues

By Christan van Dorst | Dec 2019

“Speaking for the first time in front of a group of about 150 electrotechnical colleagues. That was a moment that will stay with me for a long time to come.”

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Power Quality scan op jacht in Cannes tijdens vuurwerkfestival BLOG

On a yacht in Cannes during the fireworks festival

By Arnau Sans | Nov 2019

“Last summer, I visited Cannes during the annual fireworks festival. During this time, I got to carry out a Power Quality scan on a vast luxury yacht."

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