Spreken voor 150 elektrotechnische vakgenoten

By Christan van Dorst | December 2019


"Speaking for the first time in front of a group of about 150 electrotechnical colleagues, that is a moment that will stay with me for a long time."

“In May 2017 HyTEPS was allowed to contribute to a seminar of Techniek Nederland (then Uneto-VNI). On this day, Techniek Nederland had invited several speakers to give a lecture about the risks involved in the design of electrical installations. Professor Sjef Cobben gave a lecture this day about Power Quality in relation to the new NEN 1010: 2015. During the speaking time that was reserved for HyTEPS, I further explained the Power Quality aspect on the basis of a few cases. Stories from reality nevertheless provide a more vivid and clearer picture of possible risks and problems that may arise. You then get a kind of "aha" moment. "

“The location that Techniek Nederland arranged for the seminar was great. In the middle of the green was a modern building with lots of glass and light that had been hired for this day. All lectures took place in the large revolving auditorium, which was the central point. Doekle Terpstra, chairman of Techniek Nederland, contributed to the seminar as chairman of the day. It was a great honor as a speaker from HyTEPS to give a lecture for the approximately 150 installers and other electrical engineers present. To be able to share our story for such a huge group of interested people for the first time… that is a moment that will stay with you. ”

"It was an interesting, well-attended day that provided added value for the visitors of the seminar but also for the speakers and exhibitors present."