By Christan van Dorst - Manager Technical Engineering HyTEPS  | September 2022

Supporting availability and operation of security lanes at Schiphol Airport

"In 2020, nearly 21 million passengers departed and arrived at Schiphol Amsterdam, one of Europe’s main airports. Travelers and their luggage are scanned and searched in security lanes using security equipment sourced from all over the world. If you put hundreds of such devices together, problems arise that are not always immediately visible. EMC pollution is a silent killer. Harmonics generated can damage equipment or accelerate aging. To find potential EMC risks, we carried out extensive measurements and analyzed the results. We discovered a problem with harmonic currents in the neutral conductor. After consulting with the customer and everyone else involved we placed active filters on seven distributors that feed the security lanes."





It was very interesting to be taking measurements in a working security lane, while thousands of passengers and suitcases passed by and security staff were doing their work. Our solution had to be integrated into the security lane, where space is very limited.

After deploying Active Harmonic Filters, a clear reduction in total harmonic current (THC) could be observed on all three phases. Harmonic currents in the neutral conductor have been reduced to a level at which the installation can operate without problems, Reliability is vital, because when large numbers of passengers have to pass through security lanes, Schiphol really can't afford breakdowns and delays! Thanks to remote alerts, Schiphol can now monitor continuously - and we show up immediately if there’s any cause for concern.

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