Internship assignments Applied Sciences

Internship assignments Applied Sciences

HyTEPS offers several internship opportunities for electrical engineering students.

There are, of course, many options for (graduation) internships in our field of expertise – Power Quality – as well as services in the areas of measurement and analysis (Power Quality, EMC and energy), simulations and monitoring. Below is a short overview of possible internships. Please feel free to contact us to discuss these assignments or to discuss other possible assignments.

Importance of a safe and efficient installation

An installation should be properly designed, constructed, inspected and maintained. In companoies, a specially appointed person is responsible for the safety of the installation. The student identifies the “tools” that can be offered to the installation manager to fulfill this task properly. This includes simulations, monitoring of the electrical installation and inspections. Attention is also paid to aspects related to power quality.

Optimization of an electrical installation

The quality of an electrical installation can be classified according to the method described in IEC 60364-8-1. The student models a number of installations and determines their classification. Next, an analysis is made of the steps that can be taken to arrive at the highest possible classification. A cost/benefit analysis of these steps is also made.


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