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Subsidieproject MFED

Decreasing Power Quality

The usage of renewable energy is steadily rising. An increasing number of - innovative and sensitive - devices are being connected to the grid. This causes a drastic decrease in the quality of voltage and current (Power Quality). In turn, this results in an increased risk of malfunctions, decreased equipment lifespan, short circuits, risk of fire and high energy consumption.

MFED oplossing voor duurzame energiebronnen

HyTEPS is developing an all-in-one solution: Multi-functional energy device (MFED)

HyTEPS is currently developing a multi-functional energy device: a modular system that will be able to measure, analyze, correct and optimize multiple Power Quality phenomena. At the core of the device is a controller, which will manage all modules. These modules focus on the most predominant Power Quality issues: Harmonic pollution, voltage dips and peaks in energy demand. Thanks to the modular design it is possible to adapt the MFED to the needs of every customer.
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