HyTEPS values highly reliable suppliers.

When it comes to knowledge, quality and safety, we set the bar high for suppliers – particularly manufacturers we import into the Netherlands.

Intensive cooperation with our manufacturers, often spanning many years, brings added value in development (R&D) and service. Our manufacturers produce high quality, innovative products, for which continuous improvement and responsiveness to the changing society is essential. In this way we ensure, together with our manufacturers, that the best fitting solution is available for every customer, situation and installation.

Find out more about a selection of our manufacturers and suppliers below:

Schaffner more power to you


Schaffner Group is a world leader in solutions that guarantee the efficiency and reliable operation of power electronics and electrical systems. Hans Schaffner, a pioneer in electromagnetic compatibility, founded Schaffner in 1972. Amongst other things, Schaffner products are used in wind power systems, electric motor controllers, robots and power supplies for electronic devices. Schaffner’s head office is located in Switzerland and the company has engineering and production facilities in Asia, North America and Europe.


Schaefer has some 50 years of experience in designing and producing power electronics and power supplies for industrial use. The company was founded in 1969 by Dr. Johannes Schaefer and his wife under the name FEDERLE. In 1971, the name was changed into Schaefer Elektronik. Schaefer has a head office in Germany, a production facility in Ireland and two sales offices in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Schaefer employs some 200 people worldwide and continues to grow.

Satec powerful solutions


SATEC is a leader in research, development and production of solutions for energy management and control. With 20 years of experience, SATEC has the technological expertise required to offer flexible solutions for worldwide customer applications. All SATEC products comply with globally recognized regulations. SATEC exports to more than 40 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. This enables SATEC to offer fast and local support.


Hermann Modl in Papenheim, Germany, founded Modl in 1946. Initially, the company focused on radio technology. Nowadays, major players in various markets rely on Modl’s experience and innovative developments. The company is one of the leading suppliers of mechatronic systems and integrated solutions in the field of electrical energy. Modl has production facilities in Pune (India) and Warsaw (Poland).

icar technology looking ahead
Elspec when power meets quality


For over 70 years ICAR, founded in Italy in 1946, has been one of the leading manufacturers of electrical capacitors and systems in both low and medium voltage. ICAR was the first company in the world to develop capacitors in metalized polypropylene. ICAR currently operates six production sites throughout Europe. As a result, ICAR is able to directly control the entire production process of polypropylene capacitors, from raw material to final product.


Elspec Ltd. (Israel) has been manufacturing Power Quality solutions and advanced technologies for analyzing electrical networks since 1988. Else’s international team of electro-technical professionals enables the development of customer-specific solutions. Elspec’s head office and Research and Development Center is based in Caesarea, Israel with offices in the United States, Portugal and India. The global network of partners and representatives extends across 75 countries.



ORTEA SpA, founded in 1969, has become a leading company in the production of voltage stabilizers, magnetic components and other electrical equipment. Over 40 years of experience and continuous technical research has made ORTEA a technologically advanced company. ORTEA joined the ICAR Group, consisting of Italian and European manufacturers specialized in capacitors, in 1996. ORTEA products are installed in a large number of countries worldwide.


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