Optimizing energy usage in a industrial area

Energy transition (ET) will drive the emerging power systems to have an enormous share of energy from renewable energy sources (RES), less gas consumption and therefore more electricity consumption, more storage and demand response systems.

To overcome bottlenecks in the electricity network and optimize energy usage in a compact industrial area, the cooperation of different energy consumers in an industrial area could be analysed.

The intention of the research is investigate the total energy usage in an industrial area and to analyse and develop a mixed energy system with renewables sources, (electrical or thermal) storage and demand response systems to minimize the transport of electricity with the public network. Also their should be a financial benefit for the connected industrial parties.

CO2 heffing industrie

Research Question

  1. What is the ideal mix of energy systems in an industrial area to minimize the usage of the public network and to optimize the financial benefits for the connected parties.
  2. What are the (regulatory, technical, financial) bottlenecks to achieve this system in practice.

Students task description

The research is part of a project in which various parties are collaborating. The student will work and be supervised within HyTEPS in collaboration with supervisors from Eindhoven University of Technology. A practical case is used for the research.
Several topics have emerged from previous research that require more in-depth analysis. The graduation project includes various activities. The job descriptions for this purpose can be elaborated as follows:

Graduation project

1. Connecting with previous research, literature search.
2. Quantify the impact of the energy transition in a case study
3. Quantify bottlenecks (economic, technical, regulatory)
4. Provide solutions for energy demand optimization


  • The student should have followed the related power system courses.
  • The thesis should be in MS Word and IEEE journal paper template.


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