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HyTEPS offers several internship opportunities for electrical engineering students.

There are, of course, many options for (graduation) internships in our field of expertise - Power Quality – as well as services in the areas of measurement and analysis (Power Quality, EMC and energy), simulations and monitoring. Below is a short overview of possible internships. Please feel free to contact us to discuss these assignments or to discuss other possible assignments.


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Internship assignments University


Data-management and Power Quality

Most RES generation will rely on inverter-based resources (IBRs) and also most of the loads will be connected to the installation, using power electronic interfaces. This could increase the possibility of controlling their behaviour, but could also be a source of problems related to electromagnetic compatibility.

To get a better insight in the electrical installations and their behaviour, customers are adding power quality meters to their installation and also additional sensors to measure the most important parameters needed to optimize the usage of the installation.


Optimizing energy usage in a industrial area

To overcome bottlenecks in the electricity network and optimize energy usage in a compact industrial area, the cooperation of different energy consumers in an industrial area could be analysed.

The intention of the research is investigate the total energy usage in an industrial area and to analyse and develop a mixed energy system with renewables sources, (electrical or thermal) storage and demand response systems to minimize the transport of electricity with the public network. Also their should be a financial benefit for the connected industrial parties.


Development of Power Quality learning and demonstration tool

The student will develop a training tool for training and demonstration of all Power Quality aspects and the interaction between voltage distortion, current distortion and impedances. Also the importance of monitoring within the electrical installation should be included. The training tool should include practical examples and the demonstration tool should be understandable for experts and also for less experienced clients.

Modelling of harmonics

The harmonic distortion in an electrical installations is a growing problem. To be able to model the existing harmonics in an installations a suitable model of the electrical installation with their harmonic sources, network impedances etc. should be made. Also the effect of the installed solution (mostly passive or active filters) has to be predicted. The student will work on modeling electrical installations and networks taken into account possible disturbances in the frequency range from 50 Hz- 150 kHz.

Internship assignments University of Applied Sciences / BSc

Importance of a safe and efficient installation

An installation should be properly designed, constructed, inspected and maintained. In companoies, a specially appointed person is responsible for the safety of the installation. The student identifies the "tools" that can be offered to the installation manager to fulfill this task properly. This includes simulations, monitoring of the electrical installation and inspections. Attention is also paid to aspects related to power quality.

Optimization of an electrical installation

The quality of an electrical installation can be classified according to the method described in IEC 60364-8-1. The student models a number of installations and determines their classification. Next, an analysis is made of the steps that can be taken to arrive at the highest possible classification. A cost/benefit analysis of these steps is also made.

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