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Freedom and diversity in performing your work, everyday is different..

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You are a partner for our customers upon solving of problems that seem to be invisible at first sight.

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You will be working in a niche market, whereby we offer you the possibility to develop yourself.

About HyTEPS

HyTEPS is founded in 2007 by our managing director Jorlan Peeters. Our employees are key to our organization. The highly educated, qualified and enthusiastic HyTEPS-team delivers knowledge, services and technologically innovative products, with which we help customers by improving the energy efficiency and optimizing the electrical current quality.

We are a valuable partner to our relations by optimizing the energy efficiency, reliability and safety of their electrical installation through our knowledge, services and technologically innovative products. As a result, many problems, risks of malfunctioning have been resolved or prevented, which additionally results in cost savings and improved efficiency, reliability and safety. Improved energy efficiency is an important factor which contributes to corporate social responsibility.

Werken bij HyTEPS Werken bij HyTEPS

At HyTEPS we work with a small, enthusiastic and ambitious team in an inform atmosphere. Your opinion counts. Working together is key. Not only within our team, also with our customers. We see ourselves as the partner, not as the supplier.

Werken bij HyTEPS Werken bij HyTEPS

HyTEPS optimizes and monitors the quality of electricity. Through knowledge, innovation and high-quality solutions, HyTEPS is making a significant contribution to the energy transition.

Werken bij HyTEPS Werken bij HyTEPS

No one should need to worry about the availability and safety of electricity. HyTEPS increases the quality and reliability of electrical installations by supporting and optimizing the entire process, from design to operation.

HyTEPS is operating in the Business-to-Business market. A big part of the work will take place by our customers on site, both national as international. It concerns various and challenging projects by organizations in diverse sectors such as; health care; industry; maritime; and agriculture and horticulture. The customers of HyTEPS are companies which use loads of electricity and whereby a continuity and efficiency of the electricity supply is of the utmost importance. Problems of Power Quality can have big consequences for these companies.

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