Arc Flash webinar

Arc Flash webinar

Datum: 26 april | 3:00 PM
Location: Online, from your own workplace
Language: English
Costs: Free of charge

arc flash webinar

Arc flash calculations improve safety

Everyone deserves to go home without injury at the end of the (working) day

During the course of any kind of work on a power grid there is a risk of short circuits and arc flash hazards occurring. Arc flashes are rare, but the consequences are disastrous. Mechanics, installers and bystanders are at great risk from the massive explosion triggered by an arc. Optimal arc flash protection is an absolute necessity. Predicting the behaviour of the arc flash will increase safety. It will provide insight into risks and how to manange these risks best. Knowing the electrical energy in every distribution board determines the right PPE for all situations.


Srivats Venkateswaran
Srivats is a Technical Engineer at HyTEPS. He specializes in arc flash and performs arc flash calculations in particular. He also gives lectures and trainings about arc flash.

Menno Spitteler
Menno is a Technical Engineer student at HyTEPS and will show you situations in which personal protective equipment (PPE) are required.


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