Power Quality now and 10 years ago

Power Quality is no longer a ‘far removed’ topic

Power Quality is no longer seen as ‘a far and distant’ topic. To my mind, the growing awareness of Power Quality and the associated risks represent a real change from ten years ago.
Wendy Aikema, Marketing

10 years ago

“A great deal has happened at HyTEPS in recent years. When I started about 10 years ago, I was single-handedly taking care of all office work, from finance to marketing. Jorlan, our founder and owner, ran the company and pioneered sales at HyTEPS. He was supported on the sales side by Christan, who also took care of all technical work.”


“At first, we felt it was especially important to share HyTEPS’ message widely. We wanted to make people aware of Power Quality. There was not enough knowledge of problems that could arise due to poor power quality, such as outages, unnecessary energy losses, and heating up of cables and components. Jorlan and Christan travelled all over the country to spread this message. They informed and warned hundreds – if not thousands – of people about these risks during lectures and events.”

“Over the years, problems with Power Quality have grown, as has our workload and our team. Now, 17 employees work for our company. Not only has our team of engineers expanded, so has the number of back office sales and support staff. This offers our people the possibility to specialize even further in their functions and fields of expertise. The growth of our team, our in-depth knowledge, and our broad experience have made HyTEPS the Dutch market leader in the field of Power Quality. We are increasingly becoming a Power Competence Centre. The more you work on the basis of expertise, the more you can achieve.”

“Nowadays, whenever we give lectures at companies or trade events, we notice Power Quality is an increasingly familiar subject in the market. This is really quite different from 10 years ago, when Power Quality was still seen as a ‘far and distant’ topic. People today are far more aware of the need for good Power Quality. Problems in the electrical installation are also increasingly being linked to this. Installation managers and advisers are finding their way to HyTEPS more rapidly. Our expertise is increasingly used in the design phase of installations. Preventing problems is always better than fixing them.”

“The energy transition is constantly bringing new challenges to companies, governments, and grid operators. Our work is far from finished.”


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