Reducing harmonic pollution at Mannesmann

Mannesmann Precision Tubes Netherlands produces cold-drawn seamless steel precision tubes. The installation manager noticed that when air compressors were running at low speed and the extrusion machine was running at full speed, they would trip. He suspected there might be an issue with harmonics and  wanted to know the cause and how to solve the breakdown of the air compressors.
Anil Kumar, Power Quality Engineer


We carried out extensive measurements and analyzed the results. Then, we introduced a power factor correction device to improve power factor at transformer level and active harmonic filters to filter all pollution from the current and voltage. This keeps the power factor optimal. A HyTEPS Multifunctional Energy Device – MFED – was also implemented. This allows the status of the new and existing equipment to be continuously monitored. This enables Mannesmann and HyTEPS to better plan expansions and adaptations and expand the network in the smartest way possible. LED lamps are now no longer breaking down regularly, PLCs are no longer malfunctioning, the frequency inverters aren’t troubled by harmonics, and the power factor and Cosinus Phi have been improved.

It was really interesting for us to see that notching in the voltage waveform due to rectifier circuits of the DC drives was a major source of problems.

Monitoring en Analyse

An interesting challenge for Mannesmann

“Working with such high levels of powers appealed to me,” adds Christan van Dorst, Manager Technical Engineering, HyTEPS. “Particularly the speed at which large powers are used to machine metal. That posed an interesting challenge to taking measurements!”

The technology and processes applied by Mannesmann are unique. That meant we needed to rely on our engineering experience, as well as a fair amount of self-study. Power Quality problems can be extremely different and there is no single approach and no standardization. You need to  act as a translator between technology and practice and consider everything from the scientific aspects to societal and workplace issues.

“I enjoyed working with the people at Mannesmann, who really appreciated the added value of our work. It’s always nice to be part of a solution!”

Mannesmann en hyteps

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