HyTEPS, Avans and other engineering companies have entered into a pact focused on tackling staff shortages

On November 9, Avans University of Applied Sciences and HyTEPS entered into a pact to combat the shortage of trained technical personnel in the field of electrical and energy technology. Regional companies Enexis Netbeheer, Spie, Hoppenbrouwers Techniek, CroonWolter&Dros, RWE, MPC Energy, Volker Energy Solution, Batenburg energie, Baas BV and HyTEPS, will be tackling the current shortage, while also focusing on the increasing demand for staff in relation to the energy transition.

Shaping education together
We will be collaborating intensively on the design of an electrical engineering course, bringing formal education and practical experience closer together. This will include guest lectures, project assignments, excursions, work experience and graduate placements, participation in company days, sponsoring labs and a Work Field Advisory Board. HyTEPS has submitted an initial proposal for a Power Quality Challenge for second-year students.

Absolute necessity
Companies are already facing a critical shortage of technical staff. This shortage will only increase in the coming years. The Netherlands is in the middle of an energy transition that includes the electrification of society. For example, we’re seeing an increase in electric vehicles and a switch from using natural gas to sustainable energy generation, and this is posing challenges to business installations and the network.

This is the first cooperation as part of a nationwide initiative set up by Dutch Power and Stichting 3-E. Dutch Power is an association of 70 leading companies in the energy supply industry. HyTEPS is an active member. 3-E is a foundation for the promotion of energy technology in higher education and research.