ZomerOrkest Nederland

“ZomerOrkest Nederland” is a unique experience

“ZomerOrkest Nederland” is a unique experience

“Zomerorkest Nederland”, known as ZON, takes its musicians and audience on a rousing experience of brass music. ZON gives young musicians the chance to go on a two-week tour through the Netherlands alongside a quality orchestra, two inspired choirmasters and a unique repertoire, from baroque to rock. The main objective of ZON is to promote brass music in its broadest sense. ZON does not perform in traditional concert halls but in shopping centers, on terraces and squares. Since 2011, ZON`S performances take place at the Binderseind in Gemert, almost directly in front of the HyTEPS office. It seemed only logical to sponsor this wonderful choir and orchestra. HyTEPS is an organization that stands for innovation and quality: a perfect match with the “ZomerOrkest Nederland”!

The tour of ZomerOrkest Nederland will take place this year from Wednesday 21 July to Sunday 1 August 2021.

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ZomerOrkest Nederland 2022

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