For data centers, preventing failure is key. Whenever a process or the internet fails, companies, banks, hospitals and emergency services, for example, face significant problems. The critical role data centers play is not likely to change any time soon. From Internet of Things to robotization: data governs our future. A data center should never go down, not even during maintenance or repairs. Equipment connected by customers can have a huge adverse effect on a data center. Mapping, monitoring and modeling the supply of power are vital to this. Monitoring selectivity in the installation goes hand in hand with Power Quality; in the event of disruption, outages can be minimized or prevented.

HyTEPS can provide support in various ways:

  • Mapping and modeling the installation, checking supplied data
  • Determine impact of equipment delivered to the customer
  • Selecting, placing and commissioning (permanent) measuring equipment
  • Analyzing data and provie reports and recommendations.
  • Carry out arc flash studies to guarantee continuity and reduce risks
  • Determine short-circuit current and potential arc flash energy and identify unsafe distributors and potential hazards
  • Determine required safety measures and PPE based on standards and data
  • Validate selectivity

HyTEPS can support you with any power quality issue you may have. Contact us today!