Food and beverages producers face changing customer requirements and more stringent regulations. In food and beverage manufacture and processing, power disruption not only means downtime, but can also result in batches of products going to waste. Not only is there a cost of lost production time, but also a cost of spoiled or sub-standard products. Non-linear loads, for example from Variable Frequency Drives, can cause harmonics in installations. Voltage fluctuations and harmonics can cause a wide range of problems, such as overheated cables and transformers, flickering lights, tripping of circuit breakers and damage to sensitive equipment.

HyTEPS can support this in several ways:

  • Investigation/power measurements in the event of problems to find suitable solutions
  • Avoid unwanted downtime and waste due to system failures
  • Improve essential Power Quality parameters for optimized operation and extended equipment life
  • Ensuring new equipment can be integrated without problems

HyTEPS can help you with all possible Power Quality issues. Contact us today!