The efficiency and reliability of electrical installations are absolutely vital to offshore operations, where power quality issues can enormously compromise efficiency, safety, and cost. Such issues include frequency, voltage, flicker, real and reactive power, which affect grid reliability and stability. 

On oil rigs, harmonics are a threat to efficiency and safety. Higher harmonic distortion levels occur as a result of the ever- increasing use of power electronic converters for electrical propulsion, drilling and pumping applications, as well as many other power electronic systems applications.

HyTEPS can support this in several ways:

  • Simulations for multiple topologies and optimization of configurations
  • Perform power quality measurements at various points in the electrical installation
  • Identify quality of voltage and current, and harmonic distortion level.
  • Propose improvement methods for harmonics and voltage quality.
  • Identify energy saving solutions to reduce energy and fuel consumption where possible.
  • Harmonic load flow studies to ensure safety.

HyTEPS can help you with all possible Power Quality issues. Contact us today!