Installation managers in hospitals and other types of care facility are facing major challenges. Increasing numbers of electrical appliances are more likely to cause electrical faults and network pollution. This places pressure on the reliability of installation, which needs to be avoided at all cost in a medical environment.

Hospitals require minimal electrical pollution and continuous supply of power to medical equipment may not be compromised. Ensuring good power quality minimizes the possibility of a power quality event occurring and makes hospital power supply reliable.

When operating in emergency mode, no harmonic issues – which are a common problem – should occur. It should also be validated whether the emergency power supply is readily available, without a generator switching on and off for safety reasons. 

HyTEPS can support this in several ways:

Perform measurements at the electrical installation and assess power quality.
Provide solutions to ensure new devices operate without affecting power quality.
Ensure comprehensive solutions throughout installation lifecycles.
Provide feedback and consulting in case of unexpected measurements.

HyTEPS can help you with all possible Power Quality issues. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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