HyTEPS monitoring and control system

Relatively new is our complete monitoring and control system, consisting of both hardware and software. This HyTEPS monitoring and control system provides you with multiple options to monitor your company. You can, for example, monitor the consumption of energy, gas and water, thus providing you tools to improve energy management and achieve energy savings of 10-15%.

In addition to monitoring of energy consumption, this system also provides the possibility of automatic temperature logging (in accordance with HACCP standards). This saves you time and energy on producing the lists manually. The HyTEPS monitoring and control system can also be set to automatically control the on/off switching of heating, air conditioning and lighting (daylight or time controlled). This system can be adapted to meet the requests of any business and can always be further expanded as desired.

Monitoring and controlling your electrical installation by means of the HyTEPS monitoring and control system saves time, energy, and costs.