Making the invisible visible

Only if you know where and when energy is consumed, you can devise solutions to reduce the usage and the associated costs and environmental impact. Not only does consumption monitoring provide you with insight into the amount of used energy in a certain amount of time, but it also points out irregularities in the energy consumption. Having an insight into the energy consumption allows for opportunities to determine measures and undertake actions that will directly result in a reduction of consumption.

Consumption monitoring as a basis for direct energy savings of 5-8%

Through consumption monitoring energy flows within buildings c.q. installations are made visible. Unnecessary energy becomes visible, as well as deviations in energy consumption. Besides that, consumption monitoring also points out wrongly turned systems and offers possibilities to compare the consumption of multiple locations or buildings. The analysis of the data obtained through usage monitoring and the measures undertaken to result from usage monitoring will result in immediate savings on energy consumption. This allows savings of 5-8% on energy and costs, without any major investments. The only condition is that the user will actively use the data obtained.


Monitoring and analysis as HyTEPS service

The only condition to achieve actual savings with consumption monitoring is to actively work with the system and the data obtained. Consumption monitoring in itself will not yield any savings. Not every business has the knowledge or time to do so. Each company and each employee has her or his own expertise. If required, HyTEPS can provide the analysis. According to a beforehand discussed term, we will periodically publish a report with an analysis of the measurement data and, if possible, advice on ways to reduce energy consumption.

Verbruiksmonitoring Verlichting

Lighting / electrical appliances

Outside opening hours or intensive usage hours, electricity consumption should be significantly lower. However, lighting and other electrical devices are often unnecessarily left on or left in standby mode after working hours. Consumption monitoring provides insight into this issue. By analyzing the usage data, measures can be taken to reduce any unnecessary power consumption.

Verbruiksmonitoring Klimaatbeheersing

Climate control

To avoid unnecessary energy consumption it is important that ventilation, air conditioning and heating are properly aligned. It is of course not desirable that the air-conditioning turns on at the moment that the heater is still running. In many buildings, the climate has been adjusted over time to reflect the needs of the (individual) users, resulting in the system no longer reflects the actual use of the building. Monitoring consumption makes this clear.

Verbruiksmonitoring Gas Verwarming

(Gas) Heating

Gas consumption can often be reduced easily if made visible at which times the heating is running in the different parts of the building and the way this has been tuned. Conscious and controlled handling of the heater can produce considerable energy savings.

Verbruiksmonitoring Energiebesparende Investeringen

Energy-saving investments

Consumption monitoring not only provides transparency about energy consumption but also provides tools for calculating energy savings. If the actual annual consumption of installation is known, the costs of energy can also be calculated easily. From there one can look at investing in sustainable and energy efficient solutions. Because of this, energy monitoring also forms the basis for future investment in energy saving measures.

Verbruiksmonitoring Zonne-Energie Systeem

Optimization solar panel system

Consumption monitoring provides the ability to continuously monitor solar panel systems. It provides insight into the functioning of all existing panels (efficiency), how much energy is working and how much energy is actually utilized in the electrical installation. If it appears that you generate more energy than you use, energy storage can be an option to optimize the efficiency of your solar power system.

Monitoring of other values than energy

In addition to monitoring energy consumption, other data can also be mapped. Through a wide variety of gauges and devices, the monitoring system can be adapted to suit any requirements. Additional data can be visualized by monitoring for example temperature (HACCP), CO2 emissions, fluid levels and harmful substances.

Monitoring the quality of electricity (Power Quality)

Want to take it one step further? Besides monitoring the consumption of energy, the quality of this energy can also be monitored. Quality monitoring offers tools to improve the quality of electricity - Power Quality - which will result in the realization of optimal efficiency, continuity and safety of the electrical installation. This reduces costs and reduces the risk of problems in your plant.

Monitoring and control as an option in consumption monitoring

It is also possible to expand the monitoring system with supervision/ control options. This offers opportunities for time- or daylight controlled on/off switching or the dimming of lighting, and timer on/off switching of ventilation and heating. You can easily adjust the air conditioning as required by changes in working hours or changes in season, or in response to data obtained through consumption monitoring.