Focus on Arc Flashes

Focus on Arc Flashes in new campaign and seminars

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In April 2021, HyTEPS launched a campaign about Arc Flashes in order to support installation managers. This examines legislation, responsibilities, causes, risks and solutions.

The risks and consequences of Arc Flashes are among the greatest challenges in keeping electrical installations safe and operational. An Arc Flash occurs as the result of a sudden release of energy, producing enormous heat, light, sound, pressure waves and toxic substances. This can result in (serious) personal injury, or even considerable damage to the installation and the need to stop production.

Arc Flashes and the NEN 3140 standard

According to NEN 3140, the most important Dutch standard in the field of electrical safety, ‘Each electrical installation and each item of electrical equipment (…) must be placed under the responsibility of a responsible installation manager'” says Jorlan Peeters, Managing Director HyTEPS. “This installation manager is appointed by the general manager or manager of a company or institution. According to the standard, the appointed person is directly responsible for the ‘safe operation of electrical installations and/or electrical work equipment’. In principle, any damage could be recovered from the person responsible for the installation. In the event of injury or death, they could even be prosecuted under criminal as well as civil law. We want to do everything we can to support the person responsible for the installation.”

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Arc Flashes: an underexposed risk

The energy transition and the implementation of innovative electronics constantly introduce new issues. Network operators, installers and companies are constantly faced with the challenge of safeguarding the continuity of the electrical energy supply. Electrical installation designers and those responsible for these installations have to deal with this on a daily basis. Whenever work is carried out on an electrical installation, there is a risk of short-circuits and, therefore, arc flashes. Managing installations requires more and more specialist knowledge. Our Competence Centre has built up decades of experience on this subject and is keen to share it. In this way we can work to prevent accidents together with those responsible for installations.

Seminar: ‘The electrical installation: measuring and controlling’

HyTEPS will be highlighting the topic of Arc Flashes in the coming months through articles in trade publications, blogs, videos, leaflets and the seminar “The electrical installation: measuring and controlling”. The energy transition and implementation of innovative electronics bring challenges. HyTEPS aims to support installation managers by sharing knowledge during this online seminar.

Webinar de elektrische installatie NL


The online seminar will take place on:

20 May – 09.30 a.m.
11 June – 09.30 a.m.

Click on the link below for information and registration!

Test your knowledge of Arc Flashes!

HyTEPS aims to create awareness about the dangers of Arc Flashes. We find it important that as many companies as possible are aware of this. That way, we can better prevent them together.

Are you fully aware of the possible consequences of Arc Flashes? Test your knowledge with our quiz! Click on the button below to participate.

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