New technologies disrupt the voltage and Power Quality (Power Quality). At the same time equipment is more sensitive to voltage fluctuations. That combination can have serious consequences, such as overload, fire and production downtime. An efficient solution to improve the Power Quality is to install a Harmonic Filter. A Harmonic Filter reduces the (Harmonic) pollution of the electrical system, thus providing "clean power". An additional advantage is that this filter has a positive effect on the wear and service life of devices. This saves costs and money.

Spanningsdips vinden we in het gehele Nederlandse elektriciteitsnet

Active Harmonic Filter

An Active Harmonic Filter analyses errors in the network. They produce an inverse compensation current. The reaction time of an Active Harmonic Filter is very fast, which means that errors can be noted and removed directly before they can cause any damage. Active Harmonic Filters are connected in series with the polluting equipment.

Passive Harmonic Filter

A Passive Harmonic Filter consists of a number of circuits. Each of these filters polluted frequencies from the network. Therefore, the Harmonic pollution is reduced to a negligible level and an optimal Power Quality occurs. Passive Harmonic Filters are connected in parallel with the pollution equipment.