Monitor, manage, and optimize your installation with ongoing, up to date insights!

Increase system reliability, efficiency and future-readiness with HyTEPS MFED monitoring hardware and software and a dashboard made for your needs. Get insights from any location, at any time.

Continuous insight into all Power Quality Metrics

Combining proven hardware solutions, such as filters or capacitor banks, with permanent monitoring, a single dashboard, and expert analysis, ensures optimal energy usage and installation configuration, as well as vast savings potential.

Turning data into information on the go!

By adding the HyTEPS MFED energy monitoring device and software, you will have continuous insight into the performance of key components in your electrical installation – or even your entire installation. You can check whether everything is working as intended, and instantly detect patterns, deviations and potential issues. You can monitor power consumption or imbalance for example, as well as the effect of improvement measures – helping enhance improvements even further!

How does it work?

With you, we determine which devices and inter-device relationships need to be monitored, based on specific needs, and which measurements are required. An adapted version of our standard dashboard, or a tailor-made version, are created. Aggregated data is cleaned and analyzed in a secure proprietary HyTEPS environment and presented on an easy-to-read single dashboard. Installation managers always have up-to-date insights into installation performance, efficiency or points of concern.

Our solution is easy to integrate in existing systems, and easy to scale up. You can even get multiple measurements from a single MFED device and have them presented on the same dashboard system, for optimal insight and energy management. Data streams from new equipment or locations can be integrated automatically, as well as a wide range of compatible measurement devices. Collected data can also be used for optimization, maintenance planning or forecasting.

Our optional service enables you to contact HyTEPS Power Competence Centre at any time for advice and support.


- Solve Power Quality issues through better understanding of increasingly complex systems
- Facilitate energy transition
- Up-to-date overviews in which all relationships and dependencies are mapped out
- Extensive support in optimizing efficiency of electrical installations
- Prevent problems through timely identification
- Reduction of energy consumption
- Ensuring operational reliability and safety
- Monitoring compliance with standards: NEN 5160 , BREEAM, ISO...
- Immediate points within NEN1010:2020 through continuous monitoring
- One dashboard instead of multiple non-integrated tools
- Optional access to HyTEPS Power Competence Center support and advice


Make Power Quality SMART!

HyTEPS Multi-Functional Energy Device retrieves data and presents this using a customizable dashboard in near real time. This facilitates the convenient measurement, analysis, correction, and optimization of multiple Power Quality phenomena, as well issues such as storage, harmonics, (over)load, voltage dips, and capacity and productivity problems. The device itself is highly compact and affordable, and for a small recurring fee, you’ll have access to our Power Competence Centre experts, who also provide pro-active advice.

Systems are becoming increasingly complex, and new developments in areas such as PhotoVoltaic power are changing grids everywhere. The effects of different types of internal and external hardware and Power Quality phenomena are becoming harder to map and monitor. Let us help you stay in control and make the most of the energy transition and get more out of your installation!