ARN Recycling ensures reliability

ARN Recycling ensures reliability

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A while ago ARN Recycling decided to place a new installation of five megawatts”, according to Ron van der Leeuw, Manager of the Technical Department at ARN Recycling in the Dutch city of Tiel. “It was important to us to rule out any possible future risks. Problems such as voltage surges are not uncommon in large installations and naturally, we wanted to avoid those. Therefore we have chosen to install two Active Harmonic Filters.
Ron van der Leeuw

Manager Technical Department at ARN Recycling in Tiel.

Improved reliability and continuity

Boosting sustainability

ARN is the Dutch centre of expertise for recycling in the mobility sector. The mission of ARN includes boosting sustainability in the mobility and recycling sector. This goal is achieved through knowledge sharing, supply chain management, recycling, and innovation. ARN will thus actively contribute to the circular economy. “An important realisation of our mission is to achieve a recycling rate of scrapped cars of 95% in 2015.”

Ensuring continuity

To ensure the reliability and continuity of every operation, ARN Recycling has installed two Active Harmonic Filters. “We had not experienced any problems yet, but with the advent of the new installation, we wanted to avoid possible future complications. Any pollution in the network may damage delicate equipment, resulting in production loss and an increase in costs. By installing the filters, these kinds of problems will not occur.”

HyTEPS contributes and engages

“Recently we have contacted HyTEPS, the supplier of the Active Harmonic Filters in the Benelux, to take care of the maintenance of our filters. The safety and reliability of our production is extremely important to ARN. By regularly carrying out check-ups and maintenance on our filters, both ARN and HyTEPS are maintaining the quality of our installation. HyTEPS understands our business, contributes to our core mission, and engages in our thinking process.”


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