Rivierenland Hospital Rivierenland installs Active Harmonic Filters

Rivierenland Hospital Rivierenland installs Active Harmonic Filters

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The quality of a good electrical energy supply is of the utmost importance for hospitals – of vital importance. We are therefore constantly working to monitor and guarantee the quality of our electrical system. Together with Techtron and HyTEPS we have taken the step to optimize our reliability even more.
Paul Holleman

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Optimize Power Quality
Guarantee Quality
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Now and in the future

Quality in health care and technique

Rivierenland Hospital in Tiel is a regional hospital with 373 beds and 19 specializations. The hospital plays an important role in the health care within the mid-Betuwe region. The provision of excellent quality patient care is the key. “Much of the quality of care stands or falls with the quality of our electrical installation. In our engineering department, the focus lies on the monitoring and guaranteeing of the electrical installation.”

Increase reliability even more

“We regularly carry out measurements within our electrical installation to maintain an understanding of the quality (Power Quality). We submitted measurement data to our in-house installer Techtron in 2015 to ask whether a further optimization of the Power Quality would be possible. Following our question, Techtron contacted HyTEPS – one of the specialists on Power Quality within the Benelux. After analyzing our measurements, HyTEPS advised us to conduct a study specifically focused on (harmonic) pollution. HyTEPS conducted this study and related measurements and analyses in the spring of 2015, and concluded that installing Active Harmonic Filters would provide further optimization and therefore even more reliability of our installation.”

Active Harmonic Filter

“In the fall of 2015 Techtron has installed the Active Harmonic Filters, which were supplied by HyTEPS. They filter the (harmonic) pollution from our net, thus the quality of the electricity is and will remain as optimal as possible. This allows us to continue to ensure our patients the care they deserve.”


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