Van Munster Recyclers increases energy efficiency and reduces costs

Van Munster Recyclers increases energy efficiency and reduces costs

Together for sustainable processes

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Together, more than ever, we are striving to a healthy society. This calls for socially involved entrepreneurship, while constantly exploring the sustainability of your business and production process. By installing a capacitor bank, we’re reducing unnecessary energy and capacity losses both within our own system and at the network operator.
Jan van Munster, director of Munster Recyclers B.V.
 Improvement efficiency 
Reducement Costs
Extra capacity 
Earn money back quickly

Complete waste flow solution

Van Munster offers customers a complete solution for the disposal of cardboard, paper, metal plastic and wood. This can range from one simple container per week to several containers per day. Waste can significantly contribute to business efficiency, while the environmental impact can be substantially reduced. Munster Recyclers helps organizations to take the right steps within the waste treatment process.

Costs for transporting reactive power

“During our recycling processes, large amounts of reactive power arises, which is accompanied by unnecessarily high energy losses. Our grid invoiced us monthly for the ‘transport of reactive power consumption.’ This was a trigger to see if we could improve our energy efficiency. HyTEPS told us about the possibilities to reduce energy losses and prevent the reactive power fine.”

Solution with a short ROI and increasing business efficiency

“In consultation with HyTEPS, we have chosen for the installation of a 150kVAr capacitor bank with protection against harmonics. After installation of the capacitor bank the reactive power fine directly disappeared from our monthly electric bill. Because the transformer has less power to transform – solely the active power and no longer the reactive power- additional installation capacity has occurred. This provides us with opportunities for future expansion within our existing infrastructure.”


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