Xella takes steps toward sustainability

Xella takes steps toward sustainability

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Over the last years, more attention is being paid to the sustainability of companies and institutions. Companies look for opportunities to work economically and ergonomically. Xella takes measures concerning durability, by decreasing reactive power and reducing costs. This increases our company-efficiency.

Increased efficiency

Less efficiency by reactive power

Xella Nederland B.V. engages with the production and delivery of construction materials. Xella is specialized in constructions with limestone sand, aerated and isolating with mineral insulating boards, both in the residential and in commercial construction. “Xella works with a large number of machines that use AC motors. By inductive properties of these motors, they take reactive power. As a result, we can’t use the capacity of our installation in an optimal way. Because of this, less active energy can be transported, which has a negative impact on the efficiency of our operations.

Reduce reactive power

Right from the start of our project, HyTEPS advised us with their knowledge and experience. After a few conversations and a specialized measurement, we installed three capacitor banks at Xella. The installation took place six months ago, however, we can already conclude that the reactive power has almost completely disappeared. The consumed reactive power isn’t invoiced anymore. This increased the capacity of the installation.

Eyes on the future

In the future, Xella Nederland B.V. takes will take further measures concerning durability. “We want to use motor controllers at Xella, use our motors in an optimal way and therefore lose less energy.”


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