HyTEPS supports you with specialist Power Quality research and advice

Years of experience and knowledge have made us experts in the field of Power Quality (the quality of voltage and current). We have dealt with a wide range of issues and problems, across many different sectors. Our highly trained engineers, professional measuring equipment and advanced analysis software and systems are the ‘tools’ we have at our disposal to support you in the event of problems within the electrical installation, as well as changes in the electrical installation, or plans for a new construction (such as new buildings or installations.)

Power Quality Research & Advice

HyTEPS’ added value

In many cases, Power Quality research and advice can add significant value. When problems occur in your electrical installation, such as flickering lights, unexplained failures or significantly accelerated aging of equipment, please contact us. We can investigate the problem, detect the cause and advise a solution.


In the event of problems within the electrical installation, such as:

  • Device and system errors
  • Computer and network errors
  • Flickering lights
  • Accelerated aging of power converters and other components
  • Overheated motors and power cables


In the event of new constructions and major changes, such as:

  • Replacement of conventional lighting by LED lighting
  • Installation of a larger number of solar panels
  • Replacement of old machinery with new machines and robots
  • Purchase of an extra or larger transformer
  • Expansion of installation capacity at the network operator

Our working method

We use proven working methods adjusted to your specific problem and/or wish.

First of all, it is important to identify and map your needs and issues. Usually, this is followed by Power Quality measurements within your electrical installation. One or two measurements is usually sufficient. In some cases it is desirable to take measurements for a longer period of time, in order to collect the necessary data for correct analysis and diagnosis. In addition, it may be necessary to investigate the current and voltage characteristics of a product, machine or component. Technical specifications provide a rough initial guideline for this. For a more accurate and specific analysis, additional measurements are often required. When all required data has been collected, we analyze this using advanced software and analysis systems. Our highly skilled engineers’ knowledge and our years of experience are essential and valuable for this. We process our findings, diagnoses and advice in a report, which we will discuss with you, and together we can determine possible next steps. We are happy to support you in the continued process – following the Power Quality survey – with our Power Quality services, products and a complete monitoring package.

Power Quality Analysis & Research

Inventory assessment – Measurements – Analysis – Report – Advice – Next steps

HyTEPS is your partner in Power Quality


In the field of Power Quality, we are the expert that offers you the necessary support in every way possible. We provide a wide range of specialized services, high-quality innovative products and the hardware and software to monitor your installation. You can come to us if you need energy meters or Power Quality analyzers, if you want Power Quality measurement to be carried out, or if you require thorough research into problems that may arise within your electrical installation when replacing existing equipment. Please contact us, we would be happy to inform you how we can help.