Complete package: measuring equipment rental with measurement data analysis and reporting

Our measuring equipment rental service combines measurement equipment rental and specialized analysis and reporting. This service allows you to obtain initial insight into the Power Quality status of your electrical installation. This is not only an important first step in the event of inexplicable problems or suspicion of Power Quality issues. If you require a first indication of energy efficiency, installation reliability and/or safety, our rental service offers a solution. The measuring equipment rental service is available for energy as well as Power Quality measurements. We tune the measuring equipment, analyse, and report according to your wishes, challenges and specific situation.

The HyTEPS rental service consists of the rental of measuring equipment from Map Tools combined with specialist analysis and reporting by HyTEPS.


Why the measuring equipment rental service?

More and more often malfunctions, defects and problems arising within electrical installations initially seem impossible to explain. In the meantime, it is increasingly recognized that this may be caused by deteriorated Power Quality. It is vital to have insight into an installation’s Power Quality status. This includes aspects such as the degree of harmonic pollution, presence of voltage dips and reactive power.

Meter rental

A first indication of an electrical installation’s Power Quality status can be obtained by collecting data with a Power Quality analyzer. By renting the necessary measuring equipment, costs are limited to just a small portion of an analyser’s purchase price. Rental of the measuring equipment in our rental service package is provided by Map Tools. Map Tools offers a broad and varied range of measuring equipment. Depending on your wishes and the specific measurement purpose, the most suitable measuring equipment can be chosen, including the Fluke 435-2, Fluke 438-2 and a number of GMC meters such as PQ-Box 150, NEN3140 and earthing meters.



Fluke meter 435GMC meter

Specialized knowledge and experience

It is not only important to collect data using this Power Quality measuring equipment, but also to analyze this data with the necessary expertise and experience in this field. Only in this way can the correct conclusions be drawn and can substantiated recommendations be made. HyTEPS, a specialist in Power Quality, has the years of knowledge and experience required to offer this service.

Advantages of HyTEPS rental service measuring equipment

  1. You install the measuring equipment yourself
    This has a noticeable effect on rental service cost. Measuring equipment is correctly preset for your specific measurement purposes. Next, you place the Power Quality analyzer in your installation yourself. Our engineers don’t need to travel to your location to perform measurements and collect installation data. This means considerable time and cost savings.
  1. 2. Collecting data via a duration measurement
    The rental service includes rental of measuring equipment for a period of one week, or longer, if you wish. Certain Power Quality phenomena occur only once every few days, an endurance measurement can bring them to light.
  1. 3. Specialized analysis and reporting
    After returning the measuring equipment, you will receive a measurement data analysis and a report drawn up by HyTEPS engineers., based on HyTEPS’ many years of in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of Power Quality.
  1. 4. Recommendations and advice on risks or opportunities
    When our engineers detect possible (future) threats, they will include recommendations to reduce or eliminate these in the report. Potential improvement opportunities also come to light. The rental service can be used for your specific measurement objective. A possible recommendation in the report might be an extensive on-site Power Quality scan, in which our engineer performs measurements at 6-8 points in the installation. However, the recommendation could also be a product solution, such as applying Power Quality, or monitoring or installing a capacitor bank. Analyses and recommendations are not limited to Power Quality. Through our rental service, we can also provide support in the field of energy.
  1. Analysis and reporting without meter rental is also possible
    Of course, you may already have access to (rented) measuring equipment. Perhaps you are simply looking for a specialist to analyze the measurement data and offer you advice based on this. In this case, you can also make use of our services. We would be happy inform you about the possibilities and costs.

Electrical Installers are happy with our rental service

Several electrical installers have made use of our complete HyTEPS rental service package and are very pleased with the results. HyTEPS supports them through this rental service, relying on years of expertise and experience in formulating the right advice and taking the appropriate decisions and actions.

Kortsluitvastheid van installatie en componenten
  • Are you encountering inexplicable problems in the installation?
  • Do you suspect that problems in your installation are caused by a specific Power Quality phenomenon or a combination of these?
  • Do you have no problems at present, but would you like to gain an initial insight into current Power Quality status to avoid possible dormant risks?

The HyTEPS rental service is the ideal tool for obtaining an initial insight at a small price, if the cause is Power Quality related. However, the rental service can also be used in the field of (electrical) energy consumption and energy efficiency.

Differences between a Power Quality analysis with the HyTEPS rental service and the extensive HyTEPS Power Quality measurement on location:

Advantages of HyTEPS measurement devices rental service