Total Power Insight & Improvement

Up to date insights and direct specialist support

With HyTEPS Total Power Insight & Improvement (TPI&I), you can now view all current data gathered from your installation with one clear tool. You’ll always have up-to-date overviews of energy consumption, as well as all other Power Quality characteristics, including harmonics, reactive currents and voltage dips. The TPI&I service provides constant up-to-date insights into the operation and efficiency of your installation; this enables you to detect problems in time and perform far-reaching analyses.

The HyTEPS Power Competence Center: your co-pilot

Direct access to the HyTEPS Power Competence Center sets TPI&I apart from other solutions. First of all, HyTEPS’ experts tailor all hardware and software to match your needs and your specific installation. After commissioning, they remain available as ‘co-pilots’ and can remotely monitor your installation if desired. Our experts offer immediate help with questions or problems and advise on possible risks, optimizations and improvements. Our in-depth knowledge and wide-ranging experience in the field of Power Quality and standards, coupled with your stored data history, enable us to provide full and accurate analyses. HyTEPS will gladly support you with analysis and reporting so you can stay focused on your core business – Power Qualilty is our core business.

TPI&I: the benefits

Solutions to Power Quality issues through better insight into increasingly complex systems
Ongoing access to the HyTEPS Power Competence Center for support and advice from our specialist engineers
Users always have access to a ‘co-pilot’
Energy transition is made easier
Up-to-date total overview in which all relationships and dependencies are mapped out
Extensive support in optimizing the efficiency of electrical installations
Prevention of problems through timely detection
Reduced energy consumption
Ensuring operational reliability and safety
Monitoring of compliance with standards: NEN 50160, BREEAM
Achieve points directly within NEN1010:2020 through continuous monitoring
One dashboard instead of multiple non-integrated tools

How does it work?


Together with you, HyTEPS makes an inventory of all points in the installation where data is collected, what data is missing, which measurements are most important to you and how often they need to be taken. Based on this information, the right mix of hardware and software is created for you.

Data dashboard

Collected data is placed in a secure cloud environment and analyzed. With our visualization software and a single, clear dashboard, data is presented to you in a  transparent way. HyTEPS can provide a standard dashboard, or a dashboard based on your specific needs. You will have continuous insight into the performance of all parts of your installation, including patterns, deviations and potential problems. Collected data can also be used as the foundation for optimization, maintenance planning or predictions.

TPI&I – Power Quality dashboard
TPI&I Events Monitoring
TPI&I – Event monitoring dashboard

An important aspect of the dashboard is the fact that it also gives you insight into Power Quality characteristics within your installation. These characteristics are continuously affected by developments and challenges related to the energy transition and digitalization. It is therefore not only necessary to optimize Power Quality but equally important to keep it under constant observation.

When new equipment or locations are linked to the installation, new data flows are immediately integrated in the correct way. HyTEPS Power Competence Center experts will advise you whether any expansions are needed in the TPI&I hardware.

If you have questions, or experience problems or malfunctions, you can rely on the expertise and experience of the engineers at the HyTEPS Power Competence Center. As specialists in Power Quality, energy efficiency and optimization, we are happy to provide the support you need – whenever you need it. This could be at the moment that you detect problems in your TPI&I dashboard (‘red flags’), but we can also continuously keep an eye on this for you and provide you with periodic reports and recommendations.

The MFED: heart of the system

The ‘heart’ of TPI&I is formed by a controller. HyTEPS ‘Multi Functional Energy Device’ (MFED) is a monitoring apparatus for hardware components in electrical installations. This device in its compact housing facilitates the convenient measurement, analysis, correction and optimization of multiple Power Quality phenomena, as well as  issues such as storage, grid contamination, (over)load, voltage dips, and capacity and productivity problems.

Different PQ and power systems can be linked (regardless of manufacturer) at the level of the hardware itself. After this, the MFED retrieves all data and presents this using our ‘customizable’ dashboard.

MFED Europese Unie
MFED Opzuid

What can TPI&I clarify for you?

Deviations in energy consumption
Balanced loads
Optimalization and savings opportunities
Harmonic distortions (tested against standards)
Reactive currents
Presence of voltage dips and peaks
Voltage fluctuations
Comparisons with previous periods (trends)

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