Haval saves electricity and extends lifespan of equipment

Haval saves electricity and extends lifespan of equipment

The HyTEPS Cos Phi is installed without infringing the existing infrastructure of business processes. It provides immediate savings because we don’t pay for reactive power anymore.
Erwin van Limpt, Managing Director Haval Disposables BV.

Innovative business operations

Haval Disposables B.V. started in 1984 with the production of disposables. Development and innovation take place is managed independently and are part of the business operation. By continuous innovations of both production techniques and the assortment, Haval Disposables B.V. has become a specialist in the field of cutlery, glass, and packages in Europe.

Cos Phi capacitor banks

“We always search for ways to optimize our production process and business operations. Besides this, it is interesting for every company to reduce costs. After a conversation with Jorlan Peeters from HyTEPS and an analysis of our situation, we found out that we could reduce the costs of reactive power till zero in an easy way, by installing a HyTEPS Cos Phi capacitor bank. There is an extra capacity achieved in the installation of 500 amperes by installing this capacitor bank. By this, we didn’t have to place an extra transformer. The payback time of the total investment is less than two years.”

LEC reduces the wear of lamps

“Based on HyTEPS’ advice, we also purchased a LEC unit. By this, we save on our energy bill, but the main reason is the lifetime of our fluorescent lamps. Replacing these lamps is filthy and time-consuming. By increasing the lifetime of these lamps we less frequently have to replace them. We are more than satisfied about the achieved results.”


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