No more reactive power penalty for Fouragehandel Verhoeven

No more reactive power penalty for Fouragehandel Verhoeven

Unnecessary costs due to reactive power

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Durability and corporate social responsibility are increasingly important concepts for entrepreneurs. This also applies to Fodder Trading Verhoeven. Reducing the energy- and capacity losses within the installation and with that the energy transportation costs are of great importance.

Reduction of Cost 
Beneficial Returns 
Reduction of Losses
Increase Efficiency

Regional to international

The family business Fodder Trading Verhoeven already exists for more than 50 years and supplies straw and hay products to livestock farmers, horse breeders and horticulturists. What started off as a small-scale local business has developed into a household name, active in different European countries. Quality, service and consciously undertaking are highly valued by Fodder Trading Verhoeven. All of the products are produced and removed of dust with the most modern technics.

Unnecessary reactive power costs

Fodder Trading Verhoeven pays a fine for the reactive power usage to the network administrator every month. The adviser of Fodder Trading Verhoeven has made them aware of the unnecessary wastage of energy and the additional costs. After which ELM installation Technics has asked HyTEPS to cooperate in order to find a solution for Fodder Trading Verhoeven.

Capacitor bank the solution

HyTEPS and ELM Installation technics did extensive research in order to find the most suitable solution. To tackle the reactive power consumption, a HyTEPS capacitor bank has been chosen. This capacitor bank was installed by ELM Installation Technics and HyTEPS did the commissioning.

By installing the capacitor bank unnecessary energy loses are prevented and the efficiency of the installation increased. After commissioning of the capacitor bank, the reactive power usage fine disappeared from the monthly transportation bill of the network administrator directly.


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