Onepager Supraharmonics

Supraharmonics is a new phenomenon in electrical installations and causes high-frequency currents and voltages. This regularly leads to problems. Attention to Supraharmonics is therefore very important.

Onepager Supraharmonics

    Supporting the Installation Manager

    At industrial companies, the installation manager’s job is becoming increasingly important and complicated. This whitepaper discusses the complexity of installations and how to support the installation manager in dealing with these!

    Whitepaper Supporting the Installation Manager

      Reactive Power and Solar Panels

      When solar panels are installed, they will produce “real power” under sunny conditions. The load present in the installation will absorb this real power from the solar panels. The remaining real power generated will be fed back into the grid. This white paper is about the reactive power penalties associated with solar panels.

      Whitepaper Blindvermogen en Zonnepanelen

        Active Harmonic Filtering in a 10kV Network

        High levels of harmonic pollution in an electrical network can have a variety of negative consequences. Failure to meet the relevant standards can lead to unnecessarily high energy bills, fines from the grid operator, significantly reduced equipment life, and suboptimal use of the grid.

        Whitepaper Active Harmonic Filtering in a 10kV Network

          Arc Flash Energy

          An electric arc flash is a sustained spark between conductors. It is often accompanied by massive amounts of energy and therefore manifests as an explosion. Limiting the arc flash energy can be the difference between life and death in an accident. This white paper explains what “arc flash energy” is and how it can be minimized. It also addresses why selectivity does not automatically result in an arc flash safe installation.

          Whitepaper Arc Flash

            Harmonic Filters

            Are you suffering from harmonic current and voltage? It is very annoying when devices fail prematurely, and production processes come to a standstill. This white paper provides an overview of all common types of filters that are suitable for compensating harmonic currents and thus reducing harmonic voltage.

            Whitepaper Harmonic Filters

              Measurement Systems

              Insight into energy flows at any given moment is essential to guiding your company through the energy transition.
              Measurement is necessary to predict future flows and make meaningful adjustments to the installation. This Whitepaper
              discusses several common errors and examines causes and consequences of measurement deviations.

                Improving hospital and patient safety

                Non-optimal power quality can be detrimental to patient safety and reliability in the medical environment. Equipment used by hospitals must comply with specific standards. This equipment requires very high quality mains power for reliable and safe operation, and to avoid interruption, failure, or shortening of operational lifetime. Causes can range from grounding, issues with transformers, network connections, interference and, as a result, poor Power Quality.

                Whitepaper Improving hospital and patient safety

                  Dealing with arc blast pressure

                  In addition to blinding light and temperatures in excess of 19,000 degrees Celsius, an arc flash blast (caused by an arc flash) will generate a pressure wave with a deafening bang. Calculating the behavior of arc blasts before they take place contributes to safety, by providing insight into the risks and how these can be minimized.


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