In today’s industrial installations, (power) electronics such as frequency inverters and rectifiers are indispensable. Due to their introduction, and increasing interconnection of power systems, power quality in industrial plants is a challenge. Poor power quality results in random equipment malfunctions, data corruption, loss of process control, and heating of cables, motors and transformers, for example due to harmonic distortion, transients, voltage sags and swells, interruptions and voltage surges. This can lead to penalties from energy providers, poor installation performance, damage, downtime, and rapid ageing of devices. A vast challenge, as industries closely need to watch output, TCO, investments, and environmental parameters. 

HyTEPS can help in various ways:

  • Loss and cost reduction
  • Quality improvement and installation optimization
  • Increased efficiency
  • Implementation and commissioning of solutions
  • Arc Flash, Harmonics studies
  • Ensuring performance is in line with CSR/environmental requirements

HyTEPS can support you with any power quality issue you may have. Contact us today!