Power Quality Analyzers

Power Quality monitoring: a tool for preventing problems

Timely risk identification with our professional Power Quality Analyzers

Increasingly, companies are facing the consequences of poor voltage and current quality, also known as Power Quality. To identify risks at an early stage in order to prevent problems, it is necessary to measure and analyze the quality of electrical energy. For this, we offer advanced Power Quality Analyzers. In addition to basic kWh measurement, our Power Quality Analyzers can measure harmonics, voltage dips, current peaks, transients, flicker and unbalance. What’s more, the analyzers measure the load on transformers and generators. This provides you with all the data you need to improve Power Quality, reduce risks and optimize efficient use of electrical energy and installation capacity.

Advantages of our Power Quality Analyzers

A wide range of brands and types: there’s a suitable meter for every situation
Excellent Power Quality monitoring with built-in EN50160 and IEEE1159 control
Automatic registration and reporting of Power Quality aspects including voltage dips and transients
Rs-232/RS-422/RS-485, Profibus and Ethernet ports
Support for protocols such as Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP, Mbus, Profibus, DNP3 and DNP3/TCP
Various options and extension modules
Easy to integrate into existing systems
Available in combination with extensive energy management
Extensive monitoring software (ExpertPower)
Power Quality Analyzers

Make everything as easy as possible for you

We offer the knowledge, experience, manpower and resources to support you wherever possible. This could be at the start of a process, when choosing the correct meters, but also once the complete monitoring system is in operation within your installation.

Inventory assessment

Of course, it is possible to purchase one or more separate Power Quality Analyzers. However, we can also provide you with a complete inventory assessment as part of our service offering. Are there any specific requirements for your monitoring equipment and system? Demands and standards to be met? Possible IT issues? Our monitoring inventory assessment brings all these factors clearly into view, allowing us to advise you on the right choice of Power Quality Analyzers, energy meters, option, extensions, software and integration.

Analysis & Reporting

Once the entire monitoring system is installed and operational within your installation, we are happy to carry out analysis for you. We understand how difficult it might be to correctly analyze recorded data. Perhaps you don’t have the manpower available. Based on our many years of knowledge and experience and monitoring and Power Quality, we are happy to help. We can inform you about possible deviations, improvements or threats in periodic reports.


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