Service and maintenance

Ensuring continuity and lifespan

Through periodic inspections and preventive and corrective maintenance

Our manufacturers prescribe periodic inspections, service and maintenance to guarantee optimal functioning of their products. Correct maintenance of the equipment further ensures the expected lifespan. Service and maintenance make an important contribution to continuity and reliability of installed products and, therefore, to the continuity and reliability of your primary business processes.

We are happy to help you in this area.

HyTEPS Engineer Service and Maintenance
HyTEPS Engineer Service and Maintenance
HyTEPS Engineer Service and Maintenance

HyTEPS helps you in the area of service and maintenance

We have the product knowledge required to properly inspect and maintain the products we supply. Besides following training courses with our manufacturers and internally, our engineers have acquired thorough knowledge in the field. We are in constant contact with our manufacturers and as a result, we are up to speed on the latest developments, challenges and issues. In addition, we have years of relevant experience with the application of our products in a variety of installations and sectors.

Implementation of a specific product in different installations, each in its own unique location, may entail completely different challenges. Installing an Active Harmonic Filter on a yacht involves different factors are than when installing the same filter in a data center or paper factory. Environmental factors play a role, for example, as does the construction of the installations, which are completely different and assembled with different loads. All of these matters are important during inspections, service and maintenance. We have the knowledge and skills to help you in this area.

Preventive inspection & maintenance

Visual inspection of products and components
Cleaning of products and components (such as fans and fuses)
Replacement of worn parts according to factory protocol
Measurement of remaining product capacity
Reading log history (info, warnings and errors)
Optimizing and fine-tuning settings
Sharing insights with the installation manager and providing explanations
Preparing an inspection report

Corrective maintenance

At some point, there may be a need for corrective maintenance of products that we have supplied. There may be several causes for this. In most cases, corrective maintenance is required as a result of incorrectly executed or lagging inspections and maintenance work. Other possible causes include (long-term) overload, lightning, voltage spikes or dips, incorrect/unwanted settings in the product or major changes to the electrical installation. Each case presents its own consequences. Incorrect functioning, for example, or malfunctions, failures and – in more extreme cases – even complete loss of the product. We can also help you with corrective maintenance.

Service agreements

We are increasingly carrying out preventive service and maintenance for our customers, based on service agreements. Depending on the product delivered, your installation and wishes, we can offer you one of our standard service agreements. Customized service is also possible. All of our service agreements include a brief description of what you can expect from us: the work we will perform for you and how frequently. For the monitoring package, the service agreement can be extended with periodic analysis and reports. After entering into an agreement, you don’t need to worry about the required service and maintenance work. We’ll take care of that.


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