Power Quality measurement is just the first step

Proper analysis of measurement data and correct advice are just as important.

Our engineers have the knowledge, experience and professional equipment required to provide insight into the Power Quality and energy efficiency of your installation. Taking Power Quality measurements is just the first step. This is followed by analysis of measurement data and formulation of results, findings and our advice. The time required for Power Quality measurement, analysis and reporting depend on the size of your electrical installation, your wishes and/or the challenges you may be facing. Usually, one day for measurement and one day for analysis and reporting is sufficient. However, this applies only to cases in which HyTEPS needs to identify the cause of problems with Power Quality. To check whether Power Quality meets the legal standard(s), a (at least) one week of measurement is always required.

Power Quality measurement with high quality Power Quality meters

With our Power Quality measurements we help you
detect, resolve and prevent risks associated with poor Power Quality.

A Power Quality measurement adds value in case of:

  • Unexplained disruptions and/or equipment failure
  • Flickering lighting
  • Switch-on problems i.e. inrush current and/or voltage drop
  • Overheated equipment such as engines and transformers
  • Melting of cable insulation (correctly dimensioned according to NEN1010);
  • Reactive power ‘fine’ on the energy bill
  • Shortened life of equipment
  • Gaining insight into efficient use of available installation capacity.
  • … and many other situations.

Melting cable insulation and burn-through cables are a risk of poor Power Quality

Power Quality measurement before major changes in the installation

It is advisable to carry out Power Quality measurement prior to any changes to your electrical installation. Measurement is, for example, important before expanding to a larger transformer. Perhaps you can gain capacity by reducing harmonic pollution or reactive power by improving the power factor. Measurement is essential when replacing older equipment with new equipment according to a different operating principle, or if you want to connect new technologies and/or equipment within an existing/older installation. Examples include adding a soft-starter (variable frequency drive) to electric equipment directly connected to the electric installation, replacing conventional lighting with LED lighting or the replacing manually operated machines with autonomous computer-controlled machines (robotics).

A HyTEPS Power Quality measurement

One of our engineers will perform Power Quality measurements during a predetermined period. On average, our engineer performs 4-6 measurements per day at various points within the installation. Measurements are taken with advanced measuring equipment (calibrated according to a set protocol). This equipment records measurement values according to EN50160 and IEC61000-4-30.

The following values may be recorded during the Power Quality measurement:

  • Voltage and current (RMS, half-cycle, peak and fundamental)
  • Frequency
  • Power Factor / Cos Phi
  • Power and energy (active, reactive, harmonic, apparent)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in the voltage and current
  • Individual Harmonic distortion (HD) in the voltage and current (up to 50thharmonic)
  • Flicker (Pst, Plt)
  • Voltage and current unbalance
  • Voltage and current Crest Factor
  • Events (dips, inrush currents, transients…)

Power Quality voltage variation measurement

Specialized analysis & reporting after Power Quality measurement is crucial

It is vital that data obtained during the Power Quality measurement is correctly interpreted and a reliably analyzed. This requires our engineers’ specialist knowledge and experience. We guarantee the highest level of expertise and record results, findings and conclusions in a clear report. In this report, we also offer advice and recommendations for improving Power Quality and energy efficiency. If required, we can discuss the Power Quality report with you at your location. This offers you an opportunity to obtain answers to your questions clarify ambiguities and discuss any next steps immediately.

Wide range of advanced measuring equipment

Our engineers have access to a wide range of state-of-the-art measuring equipment for performing Power Quality measurements. This allows them to select the most suitable equipment for each specific measurement. For example, when an electrical installation is seeing voltage dips, Power Quality measurement requires different equipment than cases in which our engineers need to focus on EMC problems in higher frequency range. The wide range of meters and diversity of measuring equipment make it possible to perform Power Quality measurements at several points (simultaneously) within the electrical installation. If needed, we can use the measuring equipment for a longer period of time (weeks, or months).

Our measuring equipment includes:

  • Various Fluke Power Quality Analyzers;
  • Keysight oscilloscope;
  • Elspec G4500 Blackbox.

State of the art Power Quality Measurement Devices and Equipment

A team of experts

Our highly qualified engineers are experts in the field of Power Quality, with knowledge based on thorough study. In addition, our technical team has many years of experience with Power Quality measurements across very diverse sectors. These include industry, data centers, hospital, infrastructure (tunnels, bridges), chemical and petrochemical industry, government and offshore (yachts, oil and gas), in the Netherlands and far beyond. By frequently sharing and discussing specific data obtained during Power Quality measurements the knowledge level of all our engineers grows thanks to the unique experiences of individual engineers.

We share and enrich our knowledge by offering students (for example from the Technical Universities of Eindhoven and Delft) the opportunity to complete an internship or graduate at HyTEPS. Students gain a great deal of practical knowledge within our team of experts. The new insights these graduation and internship projects offer also help deepen of the knowledge of our team.

Power Quality measurement by HyTEPS expert

HyTEPS is an expert in Power Quality measurements, specialized analysis & reports


We are happy to inform you about our Power Quality measurements: how we work, which report templates are available, the period during which measurement can take place and any other questions that might be important during first contact. The more specific the information you provide is, the better we can fine-tune our advice to your specific situation.