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For over 15 years, HyTEPS has been active in the field of Power Quality - the quality of electricity. Our engineers have built up considerable hands-on experience while carrying out electrical installations for customers active across a wide range of different sectors. What’s more, we have provided work experience for more than 1,000 trainees.

These combined factors have contributed to our very broad and profound knowledge and experience. Every customer, situation and installation has its own specific Power Quality-related characteristics, offering us the opportunity to learn. As a result, HyTEPS knows all there is to know about Power Quality.

HyTEPS is the Power Quality expert.
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Training Introduction to Power Quality

Training Understanding Power Quality

Training the Power Protocol

Training Knowledge & Cases

HyTEPS Power Quality training; online and face-to-face

We offer various types of Power Quality training, based on our knowledge and experience. Next to our online training platform "Study Power Quality" we have four different face-to-face trainings available. We can offer the opportunity to acquire specific knowledge that is important to you. Upon request, customized and/or in-company training may also be provided.

Focus on the topic of Power Quality has increased significantly in recent years, and it crops up more frequently. However, knowledge of exactly what Power Quality entails, and the extent to which this knowledge is desired or required may be very different for each individual, depending on training they may already have received, the company they work for, and their position. Our Power Quality training sessions respond to the resulting variety of knowledge levels, wishes and needs.

Online Power Quality Training

Learn more about Power Quality at the most convenient moment for you

E-learning platform "Study Power Quality"

Training Study Power Quality

Study Power Quality

‘Study Power Quality’ is an online Power Quality training, created in cooperation with prof.dr.ir J.F.G. Cobben. This online training is based, in part, on prof. Cobben’s book ‘Power Quality: about the problems and solutions’, supplemented with our own knowledge and experience as Power Quality specialists. The e-learning platform ‘Study Power quality’ offers you the freedom to expand your knowledge of Power Quality at the most convenient time for you. www.studypowerquality.com

HyTEPS Power Quality training sessions

Training Introduction to Power Quality

Power Quality training – INTRODUCTION

This Power Quality training is intended for anyone who would like to know more about Power Quality, but has no electrical technical background. In non-technical terms, we discuss the causes of poor Power Quality, possible risks, and solutions and how to gain insight into Power Quality.

Training duration: ½ day
Target audience: non-technicians

Training Understanding Power Quality

Power Quality training – BASIC

In this Power Quality training session, we provide insight into the electrical aspects commonly associated with poor Power Quality. This includes terms such as increased neutral current, harmonics and cosine phi (or reactive power). Risks and possible solutions are, of course, also discussed.

Training duration: ½ day
Target audience: trainees with an electrical/engineering background

Training the Power Protocol

Power Quality training – ADVANCED

Prof.dr.ir. J.F.G. (Sjef) Cobben gives this Power Quality training session in cooperation with HyTEPS. Over the course of two days, we will dig deeper into the electrical engineering aspects. Topics such as transients, voltage dips, flicker, unbalance and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) will be discussed.

Training duration: 2 days
Target audience: trainees with in-depth electrical/engineering knowledge

Training Knowledge & Cases

Power Quality training – IN PRACTICE

During this practically oriented Power Quality training we deal with several case studies, concerning problems we have encountered with our clients. This includes cases relating to LED lightning, solar panels and main electric load failures. There is also ample opportunity to discuss your own questions/problems.

Training duration: 1 day
Target audience: trainees with an electrical/engineering background


Arc Flash Training

During this 1-day or 2-day Arc Flash training you will learn everything about electric arcs. We discuss in detail the concepts, standards and various methodologies in the field of electric arcs. We will also perform various calculations and you can ask all your questions.

Training duration: 1 or 2 days
Target group: trainees with an electrical engineering background

Collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology and prof.dr.ir. J.F.G. Cobben

We provide HyTEPS Power Quality training in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and prof.dr.ir. J.F.G. Cobben. Training usually takes place at the TU/e. Our most basic training session ‘Understanding Power Quality’, includes a visit to the TU/e Power Quality department, where several demonstrations are held.

Partner Technical University Eindhoven

Power Quality training – Customer specific and/or in-company

Would Power Quality training add value for a large group of employees in your organization? On request, we can organize a training session according to your specific wishes and/or needs. This can be held at our regular training location (Eindhoven University of Technology) or at a location of your choice. Get in touch to inquire about the possibilities.

Power Quality Training Session by Christan van Dorst