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For over 15 years, HyTEPS has been active in the field of Power Quality – the quality of electricity. Our engineers have built up considerable hands-on experience while carrying out electrical installations for customers active across a wide range of different sectors. What’s more, we have provided work experience for more than 1,000 trainees.

HyTEPS has been working in the field of Power Quality for more than 15 years. Our engineers actually work in our customers’ electrical installations in various sectors. Each customer, situation and installation has its own specific Power Quality characteristics. All these factors contribute to our knowledge and experience being very broad and deep, Power Quality holds no secrets for us.

Training Study Power Quality Online

Study Power Quality Online!
Practical online learning at any time, based on the knowledge and experience of J.F.G. Cobben and HyTEPS.

Insight in Power Quality

Power Quality training – Basis
Understanding electrical engineering aspects, risks and solutions for anyone with an electrical engineering background.

The Power Protocol

Power Quality training – Advanced
In takes training we a closer look at electrical engineering topics such as transients, voltage dips, and EMC.

Training Knowledge and Cases

Power Quality in Practice
During this hands-on session, we will cover cases from our practice and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Arc Flash training

Arc Flash training
Find out all about electric arcs: concepts, standards, methodologies and calculations.


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