EMC filter

EMC/EMI-filters ensure the reduction of disruptions

EMC/EMI filters are used to limit electromagnetic disturbance to values below those established in standards, or reduce this to levels specified in EMC plans. This means electromagnetic disturbance in each component (device, product) has to remain within certain limits. In addition, it is important to consider the effect of external disturbances on the installation and components used.

Implementation in the factory or at the end user

EMC/EMI filters will mainly be used at production level (manufacturer, OEM). However, the effects of external EMC disturbances can only be overcome at a later time, along with EMC disturbances caused by harmonics. Besides EMC/EMI filters, (Active or Passive) Harmonic Filters can offer a solution in these cases.

Advantages of applying EMC/EMI filters

Prevent malfunction, failure and undesirable working of equipment
Comply with the European EMC regulation 2014/30/EU
Comply with standard EN 61000
Comply with EMC plans prepared by consultants/installers/engineers
Overcome EMC disturbances from outside
Resolve EMC disturbances caused by harmonics

HyTEPS EMC/EMI filters

We offer a standard range of Schaffer EMC/EMI filters, which provide a robust solution in many situations. Furthermore, we have the knowledge and expertise to engineer customer-specific solutions together with our manufacturers.

Curious about the possibilities?

We are happy to help you gain insight into the quality of electrical power within your installation. Through measurements, analysis and appropriate reporting, we offer you insight into the Power Quality status of your installation.

Output filters en load reactors

Output filters and load reactors

Output filters and load reactors are output filters used for motor protection and security. These EMC/EMI filters improve system reliability, availability and functionality. This type of EMC filter is installed on the output side of the frequency converters. These ensure reliable operation of installations, factories, machines and a wide range of other industrial and motor- driven applications by preventing early engine damage and associated costly downtime. Selecting the most appropriate product from this range of EMC/EMI filters even makes it possible to use non-shielded motor cables, connecting several motors on a single drive in parallel, or retrofitting of modern drives in existing installations with older motors and non-shielded cabling.

Driefasige en neutral line filters

Three-phase and neutral line filters

Three-phase and neutral line EMC/EMI filters are an example of a compact solution for suppressing interference on the main supply of cabinets and equipment. control units. This type of EMC filter has a very wide range of applications, from industrial (such as machine tools) to sensitive medical installations. These devices and components often have separate, insufficiently filtered frequency converters and switching power supplies built in. This creates an imbalance in the current, resulting in considerable interference problems. These interference problems can already be (partially) addressed by individual elements. However, combining different switching components in a single housing with non-EMC-aware cabling regularly requires an additional EMC filter on the mains input side of the system.

Driefasige filters en line reactors

Three-phase filters and line reactors

Three-phase filters and line reactors are EMC/EMI filter solutions for industrial applications, such as motor drives and machine tools. These types of EMC/EMI filter are also suitable for mainframe computer systems, large uninterrupted power supplies, medical equipment, wind turbine power stations and a wide range of other three-phase power electronics. Line reactors, also operating on the line side of drive systems, offer effective protection for inverter electronics and DC link capacitors against switch-on, peak and short-circuit currents. In addition, low frequency interference and harmonics are considerably reduced.


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