Cos Phi compensation

Increase Power Factor

Prevent Reactive power tariff and reduce heat

The Power Factor, or cosine phi, can be improved in several ways. The Power Factor can be increased by compensating the reactive power used in inductive loads, such as motors and induction ovens. Reactive power compensation can be achieved with different types of capacitor bank, but active electronic compensation is also possible. Each approach has its own advantages and drawbacks. HyTEPS is specialized in finding the best solution for any issues you may have.

Advantages of Power Factor correction

Better utilization of the available capacity of the installation
Possibility to connect larger loads without increasing the size of the grid connection
Reduced overheating and overloading of the installation and associated components
Improved life expectancy of the installation and associated components due to reduced heat
Lower energy losses and a reduced electricity bill
Reduction of CO2 emissions

The functioning of a Cos Phi capacitor bank

Installing a Cos Phi capacitor bank reduces consumed reactive power. The capacitor bank provides capacitive power to compensate for the inductive power (reactive power). As a result, the reactive power does not pass through the entire installation. Energy losses in the installation are greatly reduced and energy efficiency is improved.

Capacitorbanks or Static VAr generators

Static VAr generators are better protected against extreme environments, such as temperature variations and weak grids with high amounts of harmonic voltages. SVGs are also more suitable for rapidly varying loads. A capacitor bank is not capable of correcting the Power Factor of capacitive loads, whereas an SVG is able to do this. The main drawback of an SVG is, of course, the higher cost.

condensatorbank compensatie EN
SVG compensatie EN

The right type and capacity

Different types of Cos Phi capacitor bank (regulated and fixed) are available, with dozens of different capacities. Each installation and situation requires correct analysis and calculation, in order to dimension the most suitable capacitor bank. HyTEPS has considerable knowledge and years of experience, allowing us to advise you. We supply a wide range of high-quality Cos Phi capacitor banks from several high-quality suppliers.

Inbedrijfstelling Cos Phi Compensatiebank

Location of the Power Factor correction device

The positioning of the correction device is of key importance in reaching your goals. Reactive power can be compensated decentrally. The main advantage of this method is the fact that no reactive current flows through the feeding lines. This prevents high cable losses in large distributed installations. Reactive power can also be compensated centrally. This can be done on the medium voltage grid, introducing the advantage of scale.

Decentralized compensation (at the end-user)Centralized compensation (at the main distribution board)
• Suitable for continuous consumption, such as motors
+ No reactive power in the feeding lines
+ Lower cable losses in the feeding lines
+ Suitable for smaller powers
• Suitable for compensating multiple loads
+ Economies of scale
+ Less components in the installation
+ Large powers are possible
+ Suitable for multiple time varying loads
+ Compensation on the medium voltage level is possible

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