Grid Compliance studies

Proving grid compliance to the TSO is essential when requesting a new connection at higher voltage levels. Conditions for this are based on EU commission regulation 2016/1388. In the Netherlands this has been extrapolated into ‘DCC Compliance verification’ and ‘Netcode Elektriciteit’.

The regulations span several Power Quality topics such as reactive power, low frequency behavior and limits on harmonic currents and voltages. However, less obvious topics such as information exchange are also covered.

Compliance frequently requires several Power Quality studies:

  • Harmonic studies: Does your new installation inject too many harmonics into the connected grid?
  • Loadflow studies: Is the expected Power Factor high enough to use the new connection efficiently and does the installation match the reactive Power Capabilities required?
  • Flicker: Will the lights in the neighboring towns not experience annoyance from flickering when heavy motors or welding equipment are started up?
  • Short circuit & Fault calculations: for insulation coordination, might a fault result in catastrophic (transient) overvoltages?
  • Possibly, there may be more topics. TSOs often have the legal power to demand specific studies to be performed.

No Compliance?

HyTEPS is specialized in solving Power Quality issues. For every Power Quality problem, we can engineer and commission a solution. For instance, in the following case, resonance issues were solved by introducing Passive filters

As a simulation model of your installation needs to be made for the reasons above, other kinds of simulations can also be carried out to mitigate risks to your installation such as:

  • Resonance studies: Is there a chance of resonance within your network, which would induce very high harmonic voltages?
  • Selectivity studies: Have you ensured that the smallest possible section of the installation is switched off if a fault occurs?
  • Monitoring planning: How are you going to monitor the Power Quality of the new installation?

Good communication between TSO, connected party, and HyTEPS is crucial to ensure safe and reliable operation for the decades to come. Proving grid compliance swiftly, but thoroughly, is essential for TSO support of large projects and can prevent further delays in commissioning of new facilities.

Grid compliance for generators & battery systems

Connecting a solar park, wind park or battery system often falls under other regulations, such as the RfG (Requirements for Generators) or VDE AR-N 4110. To prove compliance for these connections, different kinds of studies can be demanded, sometimes related to short circuit power, fault ride through or capability to provide reactive power.

About HyTEPS

HyTEPS is a software- and manufacturer independent electrical engineering firm with over 15 years of experience in Power Quality. Together with the client, the right (simulation) tools are sought for the job, meaning that simulation models can also be reused in future, for instance when expansion is planned or executed.


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