Do you know where your grid is being used at maximum load?

Load Flow, also known as Power Flow, is the electrical engineering discipline concerned with determining currents in an installation. Many industrial installations are too large to allow calculating Load Flow values by hand. Therefore, these are simulated. However, simulation is not just modeling, there is skill involved, too. If wrong data is entered, wrong data will come out.

The advantages of Load Flow simulation

  • Gain insight into expansion options
  • Gain insight into bottlenecks in your installation
  • Optimize voltage levels in your installation
  • Optimize placement of capacitor banks
  • Cost-effective: recalculations can be carried out quickly in the event of changes to the installation.

More and more installations, such as solar panels, car charging stations or smart lighting, contain elements that vary with time. To properly predict the influence of extensions and changes to the installation, a Load Flow simulation can be used.

A Load Flow analysis is also ideal for simulating emergency operation. It might also detect errors in the installation, which would otherwise only come to light if in the event of an actual emergency. HyTEPS is able to simulate single-phase, three-phase as well as DC bus installations.

Load Flow voorbeeld

Load Flow simulation by HyTEPS

HyTEPS has been an expert in Power Quality for over 10 years. The acquired knowledge and experience with distribution and industrial grids, in the onshore as well as the offshore industry, provides a solid basis for analysis of your installation. Load Flow is a suitable tool for this. However, the interpretation of the simulation results is just as important as the correct simulation. HyTEPS will, therefore, support you in drawing conclusions based on the results. We help find a suitable solution to every problem.

Loadflow reactive power equation

Load Flow simulation is the first step

If your installation is modeled on a single line diagram and the model corresponds with reality, this is a good starting point for further investigation and simulations, such as arc flash calculations and harmonic Load Flow simulations. Problems can be predicted and costs can be better estimated.

HyTEPS is an expert in Load Flow simulations.


Load Flow simulations provide you with insight into your installation in all situations, fault conditions, isolated operation and normal operating conditions. Load Flow simulation also offers the option to  add a well prepared extension in your installation and also provides a basis for further simulations and calculations.