Inventory Assessment

The first step to successful monitoring

To successfully complete a monitoring project, the very first step at the outset is a thorough inventory assessment. The electrical installation and IT environment in which monitoring is to be implemented should be carefully considered. It is also vital to clearly establish the customer’s wishes with regard to energy monitoring in this phase. Should energy consumption be measured exclusively (consumption monitoring) or is it also important to map the quality of electrical energy (monitoring Power Quality)? There are countless options in the areas of consumption monitoring as well as monitoring of Power Quality. In-depth advice with regard to hardware, software and services can only be given once all of these factors have been mapped during the inventory assessment

Inventory of energy monitoring installation requirements for hardware software

Inventory assessment by HyTEPS

HyTEPS starts monitoring projects with an inventory assessment, mapping the current situation of the installation. We critically evaluate your electrical installation and all components. During this inventory assessment, we will speak with the daily managers of the installation at length. HyTEPS aims to not only get to know your installation, but to fully understand it. We also discuss your wishes, needs and software options.

Understanding the installation

During the inventory assessment, we collect sufficient input to develop a hardware schematic. All relevant information necessary for monitoring, related to the electrical installation and available hardware, is captured. This means that one-line diagrams will be used to determine where the important equipment is located and which existing monitoring equipment and security measures are already in place. In addition, suitable current transformers installed for energy monitoring are captured. All of the items above are described in an inventory assessment report.

Your wishes and needs

During the inventory assessment, we discuss your wishes and needs. What insight(s) into your installation do you aim to gain through energy monitoring? This could be related to making energy consumption visible, but might also include also one (or more) aspects of electrical energy quality (Power Quality) in your installation. Usually, a combination of both is chosen. We also map software and implementation options.

Monitoring assessment of PVA

Plan van aanpak

Op basis van de inventarisatie maakt HyTEPS een klant specifiek plan van aanpak voor energiemonitoring binnen de elektrische installatie. Het doel van het plan van aanpak is: meer inzicht, meer continuïteit en minder kosten. In dit plan volgt een voorstel voor de best passende oplossing om het opgenomen vermogen te registreren, analyseren en evalueren. Deze oplossing omvat:

  • Hardware
    Which energy meters and Power Quality analyzers are required to make the desired data available?
  • Software
    Based on the IT environment and client requirements, an inventory assessment and proposal are drawn up. An assessment of the time required for engineering and support during implementation is made.
  • Services
    Based on our advice and the customer’s wishes, we make a proposal to guarantee continuity of the monitoring system as well as possibilities for periodic support and/or reporting.

This action plan is discussed with installation managers, IT, and any other stakeholders. Following discussions with all stakeholders, adjustments are implemented into the action plan.

HyTEPS Monitoring


Are you planning to introduce monitoring into your electrical installation? Don’t forget to monitor the quality of electrical energy (Power Quality) in addition to energy consumption and efficiency. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities we offer. When starting the monitoring project, we will carry out a thorough inventory assessment. Find out what we can do for you in the area of energy monitoring and Power Quality monitoring.

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