Energy meters

Providing insight into energy consumption, energy flows and trends

Providing insight into energy consumption, energy flows and trends

Gaining insight into how and where energy is used is the only way to realize savings. Different studies and cases conclusively prove that energy saving at device level can go up to 30%, with an average saving of 12%. Energy management brings energy savings, cost reductions and increased energy efficiency. To get started with energy management, up to date and correct data are required. Energy management starts with properly functioning energy metering.

For building managers, facility managers and energy management consultants, the information provided by a standard energy meter will not suffice in most cases. HyTEP’s energy meters provide insight into energy consumption details, allowing action(s) to be taken. It is vital to take measurements at multiple points in the electrical installation. By making energy flows visible throughout the installation using energy meters, energy loss, electricity consumption and capacity used by the installation can be detected. This input is required in order to draw up an improvement plan.

In addition, continuous insight into energy flows is necessary for many companies as a result of stricter government requirements and mandatory EED energy audits for larger companies.

Energie meters

Energy meters and available energy data

Basic energy consumption data can be recorded using energy meters. We can also provide energy meters that offer ‘revenue measurements’, TOU (time of use) measurements or basic Power Quality information. This information only adds value if the energy meter is linked to energy management software, enabling any type of analysis. This energy management software can be made available locally or in the cloud. To make connecting the energy meters to the software as easy as possible, our energy meters are equipped with a variety of communication options, such as Modbus, Ethernet and GSM.

A brief overview of possible measurement records

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Reduction of energy costs and improvement of energy efficiency

Our extensive range of energy meters combined with appropriate energy management software enables reduction of energy costs and improvement of energy efficiency in various ways.

    • Detection of energy leaks
      Energy saving and preventive maintenance support; leaks may indicate imminent failure
    • Insight into energy consumption and costs of each separate load
      Input for efficiency improvements, in particular for industrial installations
    • Identification of exceptional transformer and cable losses
      Input for energy savings and timely detection of potential failures
    • Energy balance calculations and warnings
      Insight into unmeasured loads, measurement errors and transformer efficiency and status
    • Calculation of energy baseline, normalized operational and environmental conditions (such as temperature)
      Ensures correct implementation of energy-saving equipment and equipment for improving energy efficiency

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