Correct analysis is key to monitoring

Without proper analysis, data obtained through monitoring is nothing more than data

A wide range of data is collected by monitoring energy consumption and Power Quality. Without a proper analysis of this data it is impossible to detect trends and potential problems, reduce energy consumption, and ensure reliability and safety. By linking Power Quality analyzers and energy meters to a software package, analysis can be largely automated. Graphs and tables can be made available in the software, providing immediate insight into energy consumption, problems and developments. If desired, we can support you with analysis and reporting of measurement data from the electrical installation. We periodically draw up reports (after analyzing measurement data) and advise you on possible risks, improvements and optimization.

HyTEPS monitoring service analysis & reporting

Core business

Not every company has the knowledge or time to actively work with data obtained through monitoring. We are experts in all aspects of Power Quality, which is our core business. The services and products we provide are designed to optimize the quality of voltage and current in electrical systems and, through this, warrant efficiency, security and safety. Our specialized knowledge and years of experience allow us to support you in analyzing data obtained through monitoring. Correct analysis of data collected from Power Quality monitoring in particular requires specific knowledge, experience and insight.

Examples of areas in which we can help you gain insight:

  • Deviations in energy consumption
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Overload
  • Harmonic distortion (compared to the standards)
  • Presence of voltage dips and peaks
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Comparison with previous periods (trends)
Monitoring analysis and reporting service

Active or reactive

We can actively provide you with analysis and reporting of monitoring data at previously agreed intervals, tailored to your specific wishes and needs. However, it is also possible to use our monitoring analysis and report as a reactive service. If you are experiencing issues with equipment or components, for example, we can analyze measurement data and discover whether this might be related to Power Quality, or perhaps caused by electrical disturbance from an external source. A combination of active and reactive analysis is also possible.

HyTEPS supports you with analysis and reporting


We are experts in detecting trends, deviations, disruptions and irregularities in data obtained by monitoring electrical energy consumption as well as the quality of electrical energy. Based on our knowledge and experience in the field of Power Quality, standards and available historical data we can provide you with extensive and accurate analyses of your monitoring data. We are happy to support you in this area and inform you about of findings in easy-to-understand reports. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us.

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