Energy monitoring as a tool for sustainability and operational reliability

Support for energy and cost reduction as well as optimization of continuity and safety

Optimization and improvement can be realized by visualizing consumption and quality of energy. The more specific and accurate the information acquired through monitoring, the better the results that may be obtained. Monitoring is a vital first step towards reducing energy consumption and associated costs. In addition, energy monitoring can also be a helpful tool for optimizing efficiency, continuity and safety: energy losses, that would normally go unnoticed, can be detected and located by using monitoring equipment. Monitoring provides continuous insight into any Power Quality phenomena that may be causing continuity problems. As a result, striking deviations in energy consumption can be detected in time. Immediate steps can be taken and unnecessary losses prevented.

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HyTEPS is a specialist in monitoring the quality of electrical energy | Power Quality

HyTEPS has many years of experience in measuring, analyzing and solving voltage and current related problems. We are specialized in electrical energy monitoring, especially Power Quality. Many players in the market are capable of supporting you with products and services for energy monitoring in relation to energy consumption. However, monitoring of Power Quality is a far more specialized field. Advising and implementing the correct hardware (and software) requires specific theoretical and practical knowledge. (This includes experience with all aspects of Power Quality, Power Quality issues that electrical installations may deal with and the effect of the energy transition on installations). In addition, it is essential to correctly interpret and analyze data obtained through energy monitoring to obtain a clear and correct picture of the situation and – if required or necessary – draw up an advice and action plan that brings improvement. HyTEPS can help you with this.

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Monitoring package; software, hardware and services

We are specialized in Power Quality monitoring, but can also provide you with advice and high-quality products for energy consumption monitoring. We are happy to provide a total energy monitoring package, tailored to your unique electrical installation, wishes and needs. The total monitoring package consists of qualitative energy meters and professional Power Quality analyzers with associated software that seamlessly integrates into your existing IT environment. We can complete the total monitoring solution with our services, including updates and upgrades of meters, analyzers and software. We also provide periodic reports and advice based on the data obtained through energy monitoring. In consultation with you, we compile the most optimal total monitoring package.

Revision, expansion and optimization of existing monitoring installations

Energy monitoring has already been implemented (to a greater of lesser extent) in many electrical installations. However, you might currently only has insight into energy consumption. Or perhaps the installed hardware does not offer the tools you need or expect. If this is the case, we are happy to assist you. We have the expertise, experience and product solutions to carry out revisions and extensions and achieve optimization in existing monitoring installations.

Periodic analysis and report

If desired, HyTEPS periodically analyzes data obtained from your electrical installation and keeps an eye on trends through energy monitoring. After analyzing measurement data, we create reports. These can present an analysis of energy consumption, but could also include analyses of measurement data related to Power Quality. You determine the frequency of reporting. In this way, we can provide advice on optimizing Power Quality, energy efficiency and energy saving. Parameters to be monitored are determined together with installation managers and integrated into the power analysis system. These could include THD values as well as other Power Quality phenomena such as installation capacity.

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