What is Power Quality?

Power Quality, or current- and voltage quality, is about the quality of the electrical energy.
We depend more and more on electricity over the last recent years. The quality of the electrical energy – Power Quality- is of strategic importance for continuity, reliability and energy efficiency. The electrical network is being affected by various factors nowadays which results in an inferior quality of the electrical installation. As a result, many organizations perceive Power Quality problems.

Causes, risks and symptoms of poor Power Quality

A poor Power Quality can be experienced due to various causes. In particular, the replacement of electrical equipment by modern electronics, or the implementation of these modern equipment into the original electrical installation is one of the most common causes. For example, replacing conventional lighting with LED lighting, installation of solar panels or placing inverters on electric motors. Modern electronics itself is increasingly sensitive to polluted and disrupted electricity, which results in more disruptions, failures or malfunctioning and shortened the lifespan of the electronic equipment.

Energietransitie in relatie tot Power Quality

Unnecessary costs, disruptions and energy losses

Poor Power Quality threatens the efficiency, continuity and safety of electrical installations. It increases the risk of malfunctions and damage, which is associated with higher costs for maintenance and causes unnecessary energy losses. Poor quality of electricity can be experienced in the form of flashing lights or a humming noise from the plant, but can also go unnoticed and eventually reach costly consequences. Examples that can occur due to poor Power Quality: the shutdown of production, the ignition of cables and premature aging of the plant and the electrical equipment.

How can the Power Quality be improved?

We offer different solutions to improve the Power Quality. It is important to know the quality of your electrical installation. HyTEPS achieves this through Power Quality measurements, analysis of the results and a detailed report which offers an insight into your electrical system.
HyTEPS provides the desired technologically innovative solutions that are appropriate for your situation if quality improvements are possible.
The reduction of harmonic contamination by the installation of a Harmonic Filter is an efficient solution to improve the quality of electrical energy. In addition, there is the possibility to compensate for optionally present reactive power by means of a capacitor bank. Which has a positive effect on the Power Quality and energy efficiency. We offer the best solution for your specific situation and installation.