Ensuring optimal operation

Why commissioning by HyTEPS is essential

By taking care of commissioning after installation, we guarantee proper functioning of the equipment we supply. Commissioning is an essential step and for the majority of the products we deliver this requires highly specific product knowledge. Our engineers have the knowledge, experience and required qualifications to take care of commissioning in a professional manner. They know the products extremely well and can, therefore, ensure these function as well as possible. They can also guide you through the products’ operation. The products we supply by have been carefully developed, dimensioned and selected. Therefore, we consider it important to take care of commissioning, too. That’s why warranty claims for most of our solutions can only be made once we have carried out the commissioning.

The correct settings during a commissioning

Commissioning by a HyTEPS engineer

One of our specialist engineers will be responsible for commissioning. First, he will check the installation and, among other things, verify whether the correct cables have been used (type, thickness etc.) and whether they have been correctly connected. He will also do this for the current transformers and fuses or circuit breakers that protect the equipment and connect the product to the electrical installation. In addition, our engineers also inspect certain aspects of the installation environment, such as humidity, heat, dust and other types of pollution. These environmental factors can influence the choice and functioning of a product. We will inform and advise you about this.

During commissioning, the applied solution is set up in a way that allows it to be seamlessly integrated into the customer’s installation. In addition to configuration and fine-tuning, HyTEPS also carries out control measurements. With these measurements, we provide insight into the correct operation of the implemented solution. Within a few working days after completion of the commissioning, you will receive a commissioning report from us.

HyTEPS commissioning; checking the electrical installation

HyTEPS comissioning; ensuring continuity

HyTEPS commissioning; configuring the right parameters

Products that HyTEPS commissions

Not all products we deliver require commissioning by a HyTEPS expert. This is partly dependent on the complexity of the product and manufacturer requirements. For certain, products, however, is absolutely essential that we put them into operation, in order to guarantee proper functioning and issue a warranty:

HyTEPS guarantees optimal functioning and lifespan


We have specialized product knowledge and many years of experience across a variety of sectors. These are the ingredients required to put the solutions we deliver into operation correctly. This allows us to ensure optimal functioning of the product, seamless integration into your installation and guarantee the expected service life. An important additional step in this is regular inspection, service and maintenance. We also can help you in this area. Would you like to know more about our commission or services? Please contact us.