Naber can make optimal use of power by Cos Phi improvement

Naber can make optimal use of power by Cos Phi improvement

Connection of additional machine possible for Naber Plastics B.V.

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HyTEPS has interpreted our question very well and provided optimal support during the process. The delivery of the capacitor bank was prosperous and the expected results have been realized.
Joep de Graauw, Naber Plastics B.V.
 Extra capacity 
Reduction of losses 
Increase in efficiency

Leading and innovative

Naber Plastics B.V. is a family company that has become one of the market leaders in the plastic injection molding market of Europe. Naber Plastics is continuously looking for innovative solutions, for both existing and new products. Several of these innovative solutions have already been implemented in the business premises and process. The most energy-efficient solution is used in each energy-consuming activity during the design of the production site. When investing in new injection molding machines, energy friendliness plays an important and determining factor.

Additional machine

“We found out that the transformers were at the maximum load. Because of the wish for an additional machine, it was necessary to increase the installation capacity. To realize this capacity increase we expected implementing a Cos Phi solution to be necessary. We contacted HyTEPS, as we were aware that HyTEPS is an expert in this matter due to their periodic newsletters.

After the first consultation with HyTEPS they performed a Power Quality measurement in our electrical installation to gain insight into the power consumption and quality. HyTEPS analyzed the measurement data and it appeared that there was indeed a Cos Phi problem. HyTEPS has issued clear advice including the expected results; a CosPhi improvement through implementation of a capacitor bank. “

Optimally utilizing of power

“Following the advice of HyTEPS we opted for a 400KVar capacitor bank, supplied through HyTEPS. After commissioning the capacitor bank, our available power is better utilized and unnecessary energy losses are prevented. This allowed us to install the desired additional machine and all the machines are in production problem free. We will continue to optimize the power consumption at the factory and we are now looking into new possibilities.”


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