VDL increases operating efficiency and avoids unnecessary losses

VDL increases operating efficiency and avoids unnecessary losses

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Sustainability is both the pursuit of higher operating efficiency and exploiting the opportunities for a better environment and increased welfare for employees and society. By installing a capacitor bank, we increase our operating efficiency and avoid unnecessary losses due to complications such as the development of heat within the installation. Besides that, additional electrical capacity for future extensions will become available in the installation.
Ronald Engelen, company director at VDL Parree, Sevenum.
Enhance efficiency
Increase capacity

It all starts and ends with quality

VDL Parree is part of the VDL Groep since 1993. VDL’s vision is that everything begins and ends with quality. The quality engineers working at the project office of VDL focus entirely on the development and production of complex plastic products. The quality of the machine park reflects this perfectly.

Unnecessary costs through reactive power

“At VDL, we used to pay a monthly fine because of the use of reactive power on the grid. HyTEPS told us about the various possibilities to compensate reactive power and thus reduce costs. They conducted several Power Quality measurements to get a clear insight into the reactive power consumption. After analyzing the measurement data, HyTEPS provided us with a clear report and advice.”

Less costs, more capacity

“After the Power Quality measurements and the advice of HyTEPS we decided to address the reactive power consumption. We followed HyTEPS’s advice and opted for a 300kVAr capacitor bank, including protection against harmonics. Installation of the bank has resulted in an increase in our operating efficiency and the dodging of unnecessary losses through heat generation. In addition, there is additional capacity available for possible expansion in the future.”

“Only one year after purchasing the HyTEPS capacitor bank, we can already happily state that our investment almost paid for itself. Since its installation, we never had to deal with a ‘reactive power fine’ again.”


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